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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Things Season 1 Raj Would Hate About Finale Leonard

On The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Leonard were friends for over a decade. But would Raj approve of Leonard's character development on the sitcom?

Leonard and Raj have been friends for over a decade after meeting at Caltech for work. With the addition of Howard and Sheldon, this group of friends became close-knit buddies who helped each other with science experiments, had game nights, and searched the comic book store together. While Raj and Howard and Sheldon and Leonard were close in pairs, they all cared for each other equally.

When looking back between season 1 of The Big Bang Theory and its final season, there are a few things that would stand out to Raj about his close friend Leonard. Like most of the characters, Leonard changed a lot over the years and the group had to grow and morph with each other’s development. But that doesn’t mean season 1 Raj would have loved the way Leonard turned out.

Hate: Leonard’s Behavior When Choosing A Grant Recipient

leonard and the president seibert - tbbt

In the first season, Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, and Howard talked more about science and their jobs than they do in later seasons. Because of this, season 1 Raj would be upset to know how Leonard handled extra funds for the department.

In “The Grant Allocation Derivation,” President Siebert put Leonard in charge of choosing who the grant went to. Leonard considered his friend’s projects along with others in their department. By the end of the episode, he realized it was too hard to choose between his friends so he gave the money to himself for the project he was working on. Leonard isn’t a selfish guy but this was a selfish move.

Proud: Leonard & Penny Are Endgame

Leonard and Penny taking photos in the Big Bang Theory finale

Leonard knew from the minute he laid eyes on Penny that he loved her. She was gorgeous and had no idea who Leonard was, which meant he had time to reinvent himself. Like Leonard, Raj also had a crush on Penny and couldn’t speak to her without being under the influence.

He knew that Penny had more chemistry with Leonard more than any of them. Knowing this, the inner romantic in Raj would have loved knowing that Leonard eventually got the girl.

Hate: His Lackadaisical Views On Work

Leonard on the big bang theory smiling

In the first season, Leonard and Sheldon teamed up on a project in “The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization.” Leonard and co. also joined a physics bowl to see whose team would come out on top. Season 1 Leonard was filled with hopes and dreams for his career (while also day-dreaming of Penny).

Sadly, as the series went on, everyone was succeeding in their chosen careers but Leonard. Sure, he had a few papers published and he made some advances in his field but he wasn’t winning a Nobel like Sheldon and he didn’t go to space like Howard. Knowing how stagnant Leonard became with work would have hurt Raj. He would have expected more for his buddy.

Proud: Leonard Becoming A Father

Raj is a diehard romantic who wanted a wife and kids more than anyone else in the series. As an outsider, it would be assumed that Raj would have been the first one to settle down but he was actually the last.

Knowing how much he loved love, he would have been thrilled to know that season 12 Leonard finally became a dad. Leonard was crushed when Penny wasn’t sure if she wanted to have kids, so knowing that it was finally happening was a big deal for the group.

Hate: The Crystal Chakra

Raj isn’t an overly religious person but he is spiritual. Hailing from India, Raj practices Hinduism and talks about his culture every so often. It’s a private subject for Raj and he takes it seriously as shown in “The Space Probe Disintegration.”

When Howard and Bernadette got married, he gave them a crystal chakra to cleanse their energies. The couple didn’t know what to do with it, so they gave it to Penny and Leonard, who then regifted it to Sheldon and Amy. Raj is sensitive about people making fun of his culture, which is why he’d be upset knowing his friends in season 12 were passing along a very personal gift.

Proud: Becoming Co-Lead On A New Project

Leonard took a lazy approach to his career as the series went on but he did take charge in season 12’s “The Decision Reverberation.” After talking to Penny, Leonard decided to take charge of his life and demand respect. He marched into work and demanded the university to fund a new project he was working on. The university denied the funding but they did make him a co-lead on a different project that Leonard was still passionate about it.

It was charming to see Leonard finally happy at work. Season 1 Raj would have been proud.

Hate: The Meteorite Jealousy

Leonard with Bert and Raj and the Meteorite on TBBT

In “The Meteorite Manifestation,” Bert has a meteorite that he wants to cut into. Leonard wasn’t an astrophysicist but he did have a new laser that would have been perfect for the job. Bert denied Leonard and insisted on having Raj’s help.

Instead of being excited about Raj’s opportunity, Leonard became envious. Being envious of your friend’s business opportunity is the opposite of how a real friend should feel.

Proud: Leonard’s Acceptance Of His Mother

Leonard's mom visits in season 12 of TBBT

Raj knew that Leonard had a tense relationship with his mother. For years, Beverly would visit and judge Leonard’s entire life while praising Sheldon. As a man whose parents divorced later in life, Raj always wanted a cohesive family unit to come home to.

Knowing that season 12 Leonard and Beverly finally had a genuine connection would have delighted him. The two had a reset of sorts in “The Maternal Conclusion” as Beverly took a genuine interest in her son’s work for the first time. Raj would have been proud of Leonard for opening up.

Hate: He’d Be Envious Of Leonard’s Relationship

Penny and Leonard sitting on couch looking at tablet

As much as season 1 Raj would have loved the idea of Penny and Leonard ending up together, he also would have been spiteful. Raj always had a crush on Penny and loved their friendship when it became clear that a romantic relationship wasn’t going to happen. After the two shared one night of passion together, Raj can’t help but feel a slight sting of jealousy knowing that Leonard got the girl.

Proud: Coming Together To Defend Change In Sheldon’s Life

Season 12 finale - tbbt - amy and howard with sheldon and leonard

Raj and Howard always came as a package duo but things changed when Raj’s parents divorced. He realized how much Howard walked all over him and started living life independently without Howard’s approval.

When Amy was having doubts about her appearance, Raj stepped in and gave her the makeover she always wanted. And luckily for him, it turned out amazing. Leonard gave Raj props and complimented Amy on her new look. Sadly, Sheldon hated how different Amy looked and begged her to change back. Raj was lucky to have Leonard on his side against Sheldon. It proved that he didn’t always need Howard around either.a

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