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“Disturbing”: Mike Tyson’s Bold Prediction for Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou Causes a Stir in Combat World

Francis Ngannou is all set to face Tyson Fury in his boxing debut. Moreover, he seems to have an edge now that boxing legend Mike Tyson is training him. In an interview, Francis revealed how he met Mike Tyson three years ago and asked him to prepare him if he faced Tyson Fury. The fight is scheduled for October 28, 2023. It looks like Mike Tyson is quite confident about Francis’ performance. And as could be expected, his bold prediction has caused quite a stir in the boxing world.

Ngannou left the UFC earlier in 2023 and is currently gearing up to take a stance in the boxing world. Now, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ is training him for the peek-a-boo boxing style, a signature technique of the former. Recent videos highlighted Ngannou’s struggles with stamina and footwork, essential for the peek-a-boo style.

What is Mike Tyson’s bold prediction about Fury vs. Ngannou?


Recently, Mike Tyson said, “[We’re] [going to] shock the world. If he hits him, it will be a knockout.” This bold statement by Mike Tyson about Ngannou’s performance has caused a stir among combat sports fans. Furthermore, their reactions present a mixed perspective on the upcoming fight and the collaboration between Tyson and Ngannou.

The following user reacts to Ngannou’s training with Tyson, stating, “Nganou is a great fighter, but the fact that Tyson trains him is disturbing. Mike never won against a top fighter, so [I] don’t have [any] idea how he [will] help Francis against Fury.”

Transitioning to a more optimistic view, Victor Siu hopes Tyson finds joy in training and sees potential in him, saying, “I hope Tyson finds this experience enjoyable and decides to train more fighters. He is a wealth of information and has so much knowledge to share. Just imagine facing his fighter and across the corner you’re looking at Tyson. That’s a psychological advantage already.”

On the other hand, Pinaki Chakravorty expresses concerns about Ngannou’s ability to adapt to Fury’s style, noting, “Despite his long reach, Fury has a rough-housing, grabbing, and leaning style that will be hard for Ngannou. Not seeing how Ngannou wins this.”

Similarly, Philip Anthony anticipates a challenging fight, commenting, “Gunna be a hard-hitting fight. Ngannu will be trying to land the power blows while Fury will be avoiding and looking to counter.”

Finally, Ash Malik dismisses Tyson’s involvement as mere promotion, asserting, “All this talk from Tyson is just to promote the fight. These lot all making a mockery of boxing right now … !!!”

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