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Did Mike Tyson crash his Lamborghini? Insane story of the boxer giving away a brand new car to a security guard

It’s seemingly good luck to be around a Mike Tyson car crash.

‘Iron Mike’ was famously a wildman for a lot of his boxing career, especially in his prime. That was best shown in his famous rivalry with Evander Holyfield, where Tyson and ‘The Real Deal’ got very heated. That bad blood famously got spilled in their rematch.

However, it wasn’t because of a punch. In their 1997 rematch, Tyson famously bit Holyfield’s ear, taking off some cartilage in the process. They fought to the end of the round, where the heavyweight legend was then disqualified. Nearly three decades later, the scene is still among the most wild in boxing history.

However, Mike Tyson was getting busy the night before the fight as well. Broadcaster Jim Gray revealed such in his book ‘Talking to Goats‘. There the boxing commentator revealed that he was present for a meeting between Tyson and his longtime promoter Don King a night before the fight.

That meeting saw the promoter give the young heavyweight a $30 million dollar check. Gray noted that King was very forceful with Tyson, telling him to not get himself in trouble the night before the bout. As they were leaving, the boxer backed into a stanchion.

While the damage was likely less than $1,000, Gray wrote that Tyson instead threw his keys at the valet to take the car. The man was initially confused, but King interjected that he should just take the automobile, and he did. The reasoning? Tyson didn’t want any bad luck before fight night.

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