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Superman Star Christopher Reeves Risked His Reputation By Belittling Marlon Brando In Public After Frustrating Experience With Oscar Winner

Christopher Reeves was an honest, genuine, and real-life Superman. Despite his tragic accident, the star remained as kind and resilient as ever. While the actor and activist enjoyed a short career, many continue to revisit his many memories scattered over the internet.

Christopher Reeves
Christopher Reeves

Among these many ‘memories’, an unearthed video shows Reeves being brutally honest about his work experience with Oscar Winning actor Marlon Brando. Despite being too honest, Reeves remained respectful in his comments about his Superman co-star and spoke without any care for his reputation. And fans can’t help but express how sincere and incredible human being Christopher Reeves was.

Christopher Reeves Blunt Comments About Co-Star Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was a revolutionary actor and human being. Known for his authentic and naturalistic acting style, Brando was also a social activist. He famously also declined an Oscar to protest over Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in films. Despite his illustrious career, he has a reputation for being hard to work with, especially in his later years.

So when Christopher Reeves was asked how his experience was working with Brandon on Superman, he didn’t hold back but expressed his opinion honestly.

“I must say — I don’t say this to be vicious — but I don’t worship at the altar of Marlon Brando because I feel that he’s copped out in a certain way. He’s no longer in the leadership position that he could be. He could really be inspiring a whole new generation of actors by continuing to work, but what happened is the press loved him whether he was good, bad, or indifferent. Where people thought he was this sort of institution no matter what he did, so he doesn’t care anymore. And I just think it’d be sad to be [his age] and not give a damn. That’s all. I just think it’s too bad that the man has been kind of forced into that hostility.”

While certain people would take shy away from publically calling out such a senior actor, Reeves did not care about criticism and or his reputation. Rather he was right to express such a valid point.

Christopher Reeves Was Not Excited To Work With Marlon Brando

Reeves as Superman
Reeves as Superman

After voicing his true feelings about his experience with Brando, Reeves was asked if he at any point was excited to work with Brando. He replied in the negative while also expressing that all his comments made about his co-star weren’t something that he was afraid to say to his face.

“Not really, no. I had a wonderful time, but the man didn’t care. I’m sorry. He just took the [money] and ran. I just still care. I’m a real beginner and I just care so much that it hurts when someone’s phoning it in. But he is a wonderful actor. He is a brilliant man. But at this moment, he just isn’t motivated, that’s all I mean to say.”

Reeves’ comments were met with approval from the audience and it is his brutally honest character that fans still love and hold dear.

Superman can be streamed on Netflix.

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