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“That’s what heavyweight champions do” – Francis Ngannou looks exhausted while training under Mike Tyson in new footage

Mike Tyson sent a powerful message to Francis Ngannou ahead of his boxing bout against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. ‘Iron Mike’ joined Ngannou’s training camp as a coach and is gearing up to attain heavyweight glory once again, but this time through his student, when Ngannou faces Fury on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Before the fight, Tyson posted a promo and shared some behind-the-scenes footage of his time at Ngannou’s camp.

The video showed Ngannou putting in hard work to face his biggest challenge to date, Tyson Fury in a boxing contest. The former UFC heavyweight champion, who never lost his title inside the octagon, is still gunning to prove he is the baddest man on the planet with a victory over Fury.

Mike Tyson shared some encouraging words for Ngannou:

“He [Francis Ngannou] had many professional fights, you know he just never experienced a professional boxing match.”

While giving insight into the camp, Tyson shared a story:

“I was speaking to him once he came in and I asked him, ‘Are you sore today?’ And he said, ‘No.’ That was a big mistake.”

Throughout the video package, Tyson pushed Ngannou, made him sweat, and worked on his boxing skills and cardio. At the end of the video Ngannou was worn out, laying on the ground and Tyson told him:

“You wanna be a heavyweight champion, that’s what heavyweight champions do.”

Boxing critics are barely giving Ngannou a puncher’s chance against Tyson Fury. However, Mike Tyson and his team are putting in the effort to ensure Ngannou gets in great shape to go the distance if necessary.

Mike Tyson doesn’t like to coach boxers

When it came to knocking people out Mike Tyson was always ready, however, the boxing legend once stated that he was not good at coaching the new generation of boxers.

Tyson stated that he lacked the ‘patience’ to coach fighters. Furthermore, he pointed out that his life as an entrepreneur does not offer him enough time to stay in the gym with his fighters. He believed being a trainer was a huge task for which he was not ready.

However, when Ngannou asked Tyson to coach him, he accpeted without a second thought.

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