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Who is Biaggio Ali Walsh? Muhammad Ali’s grandson declines ‘big dude’ Jake Paul’s MMA challenge as ‘fight doesn’t make sense’

CLEVELAND OHIO: In a recent interview with Mirror Fighting, Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of Muhammad Ali, has made it clear that he is not inclined to accept a challenge from YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

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Biaggio Ali Walsh, who is gaining recognition in the MMA world, holds an amateur MMA record of 4-1-0, indicating his number of wins, losses, and draws. Additionally, he is a model and a former American football player.

On the other hand, Jake Paul, known as ‘The Problem Child,’ is now also a celebrated MMA fighter. He is known for frequently calling out opponents via social media and interviews.

He initially gained fame as a YouTuber and has transitioned into the world of boxing, particularly known for his involvement in high-profile and lucrative boxing events.

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Biaggio Ali Walsh calls Jake Paul ‘big dude’

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In an interview with MirrorFighting, Biaggio Ali Walsh made it clear that he doesn’t anticipate receiving an apology from Jake Paul after being called out for a fight in the PFL cage.

Walsh firmly stated,  “I don’t think he’d come out and apologise.” He joked saying, “That doesn’t sound like him. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Walsh went on to provide insights into how he selects his opponents, particularly emphasizing their weight. He expressed surprise at Paul’s weight, referring to him as much “heavier.”

“I fight at 155lb because most guys in this division walk around at the weight I walk around at. Jake’s a lot heavier — probably over 200 I’d assume.”

Acknowledging Paul’s stature and marketing prowess, he described him as a “big dude” and acknowledged his skill in advertising and drawing attention.

However, Walsh stressed that from a sporting perspective, a fight against Paul wouldn’t be logical, saying, “He’s a big dude and Jake Paul is Jake Paul. He’s super good at advertising and marketing, he draws a lot of eyes but that to me is a fight that doesn’t make sense. Even if I were to go up in weight I would be slower, so I don’t think it’s a fight that makes any type of sense.”

Biaggio Ali Walsh declines Jake Paul’s challenge

Biaggio Ali Walsh expressed his admiration for Paul’s career and the inspiration he drew from him.

He stated, “But I respect what he’s doing and both he and his brother Logan — the Paul brothers — are geniuses when it comes to marketing. So that’s inspiring too because I’m trying to help market myself as well.”

Additionally, Walsh emphasized his desire to uphold his grandfather’s legacy as a former professional boxer, saying,  “I want to make a career for myself. I want to continue my grandfather’s legacy in boxing and carve my own path as well.”

He added, “I feel like, no disrespect to him but once you fight someone in that category you often get categorised as that type of fighter.”

Walsh also shared his challenges in establishing himself as a legitimate boxer.

He explained his decision to decline Jake Paul’s challenge to fight, noting, “I have a hard time as it is proving myself as a real boxer and I haven’t fought a YouTuber or anything like that so I want to stick with fighting the boxers and getting to the top.”


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