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The Big Bang Theory: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Girls’ Nights

On The Big Bang Theory, when Bernadette and Amy joined the friend group, they enjoyed girls' nights with Penny. But some ended in fights and tears...

Once the main characters found their respective partners, the group split up into boys vs. girls on The Big Bang Theory. While the guys played games or went to the comic book store, the ladies had girls’ nights. Whether they were in apartment 4B or at Bernadette’s house, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy knew how to unwind with each other and have a much-needed night of friendship.

Every now and then some of the guys would crash girls’ night but it wasn’t always a smooth transition. There were plenty of girls’ nights that ended poorly and affected the flow of the group. Nevertheless, their friendship persisted and they picked up where they left off for the next girls’ night.

Best: When Sheldon Crashes

sheldon and amy dancing - the big bang theory

In “The Agreement Dissection,” Sheldon is tired of mingling with Leonard’s “know-it-all” girlfriend, Priya, and begs to join Penny for girls’ night as a way to escape. He ends up tagging along with the ladies for a night of drinking and dancing and had a better time than fans anticipated. He watched the ladies drink their beverages and then joined Amy in a waltz before heading home for the night. Sheldon even took care of Amy when she threw up from drinking too much. For once, the ladies found Sheldon fun to be with.

Worst: Amy’s First Girls’ Night

When Amy first heard that Penny and Bernadette did girls’ nights, she felt left out and wanted to join the fun. Amy had never had a girls’ night before and didn’t know what to expect, so she invited herself. The night only continued to get awkward when Amy kept suggesting weird games and talking about women’s body troubles.

It got worse when Amy and Bernadette made Penny realize that she messed up with Leonard and never should have broken up with him. Penny left in a hurry and cried in her bedroom.

Best: A Night Out With Raj

In “The Santa Simulation,” Raj loses Dungeons & Dragons early on and joins the girls for a night on the town. Everyone laughs at Raj for enjoying the same things as the girls but it makes him happy. Plus, the girls love Raj’s company.

In this particular episode, the ladies tried helping Raj pick up women at the bar but it didn’t end too well. The night ended with Raj and Amy talking about their similar feelings and connecting on a deeper level.

Worst: A Pathetic Attempt At Being Young

Amy penny and bernadette - a bad girls night - tbbt

After Bernadette had Halley, the girls admitted that it had been far too long since they’ve had a fun night together. Bernadette hired Stuart and Raj to watch Halley as the girls dressed up for a night out. Sadly, as soon as the girls got in the car, their moods shifted.

Penny was jealous that Bernadette was moving ahead in life, Bernadette was dealing with annoying phone calls from Raj, and Amy compared her relationship with Penny and Bernadette’s. The night was a bust and showed a different side to their usual carefree girls’ nights.

Best: A Night In The Playhouse

drinking in the playhouse - tbbt

In the 12th season, Bernadette was having a hard time feeling like herself with two kids and a full-time job. To escape for some “me time,” she hid in Halley’s outdoor playhouse and drank wine by herself. When Penny found out what she was doing, she joined her. This of course turned into a girls’ night because Amy didn’t want to be left out.

Seeing the three women hiding in a playhouse drinking wine was hilarious — especially since Bernadette thought she was doing this secretly but Howard knew all along.

Worst: When Howard & Raj Crash

girls night with penny and bernadette and amy - raj and howard crash

Usually, girls’ nights are better off with only the girls present. In “The Proton Displacement,” Raj joined the ladies for a girls’ night where they made jewelry for fun. But things took a turn for the worse when Howard joined. Raj felt left out when the girls loved Howard’s jewelry-making kit. It was a low point for Raj because all Howard did was make fun of him for liking girls’ night, but here he was enjoying girls’ night.  The night got emotional and off-brand.

Best: Raj And His Valentine’s Day Gift

valentines day on girls night - tbbt

In the ninth season, Raj joined girls’ night once again when he was having relationship woes. He and Emily had been broken up for a few weeks but he received a gift on his doorstep from her. As it turns out, Emily bought the gift for Raj for Valentine’s Day before they broke up and felt like he should still have it. He consulted with the girls on what to do, and the consensus was to move on. The girls sat there while Raj called Emily and they told him how to react. It proved that sometimes Raj was closer to the girls than to Howard.

Worst: When Bernadette & Amy Fight Over Their Men

Amy and bernadette fight on girls night - tbbt

When Sheldon and Howard got into an argument over Sheldon’s unused parking spot, the women couldn’t help but involve themselves. While at girls’ night, Bernadette stated that she thought Sheldon was in the wrong, while Amy felt that Howard was. The women were now just as invested in the parking spot as the guys were.

Penny tried staying out of it but found herself at Bernadette’s one night looking at wedding pictures. When Amy stopped by, she realized Penny and Bernadette were having their own kind of girls’ night. The fighting continued and ended with Amy accidentally hitting Penny in the face with her purse. As hilarious as this was, there’s no way this girls’ night was fun for them.

Best: Penny & Leonard 2.0

tbbt - girls night - leonard and penny 2.0

When Leonard and Penny were both single at the same time years after being in a relationship, Leonard wanted to give their romance another try. While the girls were hanging at Penny’s, Leonard asked her on a date. Giddy, Penny accepted and Amy and Bernadette helped her get ready. Watching them reminisce about the old Penny and Leonard was a fun walk through memory lane.

Worst: Penny Bummed Everyone Out

Penny bums everyone out on girls night - tbbt

In season 10, Penny was having problems with Leonard. She told the girls that ever since they got married, Leonard stopped trying in their relationship. Things weren’t exciting anymore and Leonard took her for granted.

Hearing Penny question her marriage was upsetting — especially since Amy and Bernadette were thriving in their own relationships. Penny’s dour attitude put a big damper on girls’ night.

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