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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times The Main Characters Were Jealous, Ranked From Understandable To Ridiculous

The Big Bang Theory may be a sitcom about a close-knit friend group, but between professional and relationship successes, the gang had some jealousy.

After 12 incredible seasons of friendship debacles, relationship woes, and scientific findings, the characters in The Big Bang Theory have covered a lot of ground when it comes to human emotion. And while the final season had most of the characters on cloud nine after Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize, the gang wasn’t always so supportive and caring. In fact, jealousy plagued every character at one point or another.

Even characters like Sheldon, who thought jealousy was beneath him, suffered greatly from the green-eyed monster. It’s not easy being in a competitive field with your best friends, which is where the daggers come out, and this emotion is intensified whenever friendship and romance are involved.

Raj Was Jealous Of Anu And Her Ex-Boyfriend

Raj and Anu in hotel room in The Big Bang Theory

When Raj and Anu were getting to know each other, he helped set up her doorbell camera at her home. But when he realized that he was able to see who showed up at Anu’s door, he found out she was still in contact with her ex-boyfriend. Raj saw a handsome gentleman at her doorstep and enter her home. He tried keeping the information from Anu but it was affecting his well-being. He came clean and admitted to what he saw and that he couldn’t handle her being friends with her ex.

Penny Was Jealous Of Priya And Leonard’s Commonalities

penny meets priya for the first time - tbbt

Penny always knew that Leonard would eventually date again when they broke up but she didn’t expect him to move on so fast with such a perfect woman. Priya was Raj’s sister and she had a connection with Leonard that Penny couldn’t deny.

The two started dating and Penny was playing catch-up. Not only was Priya stunning but she was brilliant and well-spoken. She and Leonard had so much in common and oodles to talk about. Penny was jealous of their bond and realized she made a mistake in ending things with Leonard.

Sheldon Is Jealous And Heartbroken At Amy Dating Dave

amy kissing dave - the big bang theory

As much as Sheldon didn’t want to admit it, he missed Amy and wanted her back. He finally realized that he made some wrongs and wanted to make them right. With the engagement ring in hand, he headed to Amy’s apartment building where he caught Amy kissing a date. A heartbroken Sheldon turned around and walked home. Seeing Amy happy with another man made Sheldon beyond belief.

Sheldon Was Jealous Of Barry Asking Amy Out

Sheldon’s life changed forever when Amy broke up with him. He was so used to getting his way and being comfortable that he didn’t realize Amy would be strong enough to leave their relationship.

As he and the guys were releasing some steam during fencing lessons, Barry Kripke learned that Amy was now a single woman and appeared interested. Leonard warned Sheldon that Barry was most likely going to ask out Amy, which enraged Sheldon. This was one of his first jealous moments with Amy. He hated the idea of someone like Barry winning over his lady.

Penny Jealous Of Leonard Liking Alex’s Attention

When Leonard realized that Sheldon’s assistant Alex had a crush on him, he acted like a teenage boy. Here he was with Penny on his arm, and another beautiful woman found him attractive! Leonard liked the attention but Sheldon found it unprofessional. He brought up Leonard’s behavior to Penny and she instantly became jealous and worried. She never felt smart enough for Leonard, and the idea of a beautiful and intelligent woman liking him could threaten their relationship.

Sheldon Was Jealous Of Bert’s Success

bert and the gang - the big bang theory

When Bert wins the MacArthur Genius fellowship, he’s parading his accomplishment to everyone at Caltech, including Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard. Everyone was excited for Bert but Sheldon. Sheldon hated geology and didn’t think Bert had the credentials to win. But after reading Bert’s work, he realized he was wrong and that Bert’s work was better than he thought. Nevertheless, his jealousy of Bert was all-encompassing and brought out a nasty side of Sheldon.

Raj Became Jealous Of Howard & Leonard

Sheldon serves leonard and howard hot chocolate - tbbt

When Sheldon and Penny first started dating, they went on a double date with Howard and Bernadette to set the two of them up. When Howard and Bernadette hit it off, Leonard and Howard were now off the market. Raj was insanely jealous of this. Not only did his two best friends have girlfriends but Howard was now too busy for him. Raj felt like he was the last man standing and hated being left out.

Leonard Thought Penny Would Leave Him For Her Classmate

Cole and Leonard talking on TBBT

When Penny started taking classes at a local community college, she had a group project with a classmate named Cole. Leonard’s red flag was raised when he heard that Penny would be home alone with a male classmate who was also British. Remaining calm has never been Leonard’s strong suit.

As Cole was leaving Penny’s apartment, Leonard tried intimidating him by telling him lies about Penny that would make him disinterested. Penny, of course, heard the whole thing and hated that Leonard was so insecure.

Howard Was Jealous Of Bernadette’s Interest In Leonard’s Work

Leonard Bernadette and Howard in The Big Bang Theory

When Howard and Bernadette first started dating, he took her to his lab to see what he’s been working on. But when Leonard started talking about his upcoming projects, Bernadette was more interested in his work than Howard’s and wanted to see more. Leonard invited her to his lab to see for herself but Howard got in the way. He became jealous of Bernadette’s interest and told Leonard to back off. It was when Leonard disinvited Bernadette that she realized how insanely jealous Howard was.

Leonard Was Jealous Of Raj And Penny’s Bond

Raj and Penny in matching shirts on TBBT

When Raj moved in with Penny and Leonard, he and Penny became closer than ever. They had more in common with each other than they did with Leonard. With them being so close, Leonard felt like the third wheel. He tried explaining to them that he felt left out but it was hard explaining things when they were both wearing matching shirts. Raj took the hint and eventually moved out, which meant that a jealous Leonard got his way.

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