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The Big Bang Theory: Raj’s 5 Best Pieces Of Advice (& His 3 Worst)

The Big Bang Theory's Raj is often unlucky in love and incredibly awkward, but he's often able to deliver some useful advice—well, most of the time.

Out of the main cast of The Big Bang Theory, Raj is without a doubt the most sensitive of the four main scientists. This has lead him to offer up some great advice in all kinds of situations to his friends ranging from relationship advice and business advice to home decor tips.

But, not all of the advice is very useful. Some of his advice comes from the heart and personal experience such as telling Howard to listen to Bernadette more, and, sometimes, it can be useless such as using pregnancy breathing for changing a tire.

Best: Indoor Fire Pit

Raj helping out Howard and Bernadette

In season eight’s twentieth episode, ‘The Fortification Implementation,’ when Howard and Bernadette get the deed to Howard’s mother’s house, they discuss plans to redecorate. Bernadette mentions that she hopes to change the carpet, wallpaper, and light fixtures. Raj then advises that they break down a wall and put in an indoor fire pit in the middle of the living room, certainly an idea that would modernise Howard’s mother’s old house.

Worst: Lamaze Breathing For Changing A Tire

Raj changing a tyre Big Bang Theory

In season nine’s third episode, ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion,’ the gang head to Mexico to throw a late bachelor party for Leonard but encounter some issues on the way and end up having to change the tyre on their van.

When none of them are successful at taking the tire off, Raj suggests using Lamaze breathing to help the guys unscrew the tire nut. That might work for pregnancy, but it’s certainly not useful when changing a tire.

Best: You Give A Girl Another Woman’s Bra, And You Will Not Be Sleeping With Her That Night.

Raj and Penny lying in bed together on TBBT

In the twenty-first episode of season nine, ‘The Viewing Party Combustion,’ Leonard and Sheldon get into a heavy argument, and the gang must choose sides. At one moment during the episode, Howard calls out Raj for talking too much about his love life.

Raj and Howard recall one specific example, and Raj leaves with “you give a girl another woman’s bra, and you will not be sleeping with her that night.” This is probably sound advice for any relationship or physical interaction. Thanks, Raj.

Worst: If You Want To Clean Up Your Karma, Go Get My Latte

raj sitting on a couch in a white tee and leonard standing near him in the big bang theory

In the season two episode ‘The Classified Material Turbulence,’ Howard asks the others for help in fixing the “human-waste disposal system” that he built for the space station. While Leonard is intrigued to learn about Penny’s date with Stuart, he ends up crossing a boundary by asking too many questions.

Raj suggests that Leonard goest to get Raj a coffee to clear up his karma. It doesn’t take a Sheldon-level genius to figure out that this advice would probably do very little for Leonard’s wellbeing.

Best: Kill Wil Wheaton! From Hell’s Heart, Stab At Him!

In season three’s, ‘The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary,’ Sheldon and Raj enter a competition at the comic book store, and Sheldon ends up facing off against Will Wheaton. Starting out the competition hating Will Wheaton, Sheldon changes his attitude when he learns that Wil Wheaton had to go to his gran’s funeral, and that’s why Sheldon never met him.

Raj cares very little for Wil Wheaton’s feeling’s about his grandmother and suggests Sheldon easily defeats him in the competition. When Sheldon refuses, he forfeits the tournament to learn that Wil’s story was a lie. If Sheldon listened to Raj, they would have won the tournament.

Worst: Drive Around And Pick Up Kids To Take To The Comic Book Store

Raj sitting on the couch at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment in The Big Bang Theory

In the fourth episode of season eight, ‘The Candy Reverberation,’ the gang decide to get into the comic store business and try to figure out ways to bring more kids to the store. Raj suggests that they could drive around and pick kids up in a van. It’s safe to say this is the worst advice Raj has ever come up with and would probably do more harm to them than good.

Best: “It’s Better To Have Loved And Lost”

Raj in Sheldon’s apartment Big Bang Theory.

In the twenty-fourth episode of season four, ‘The Roomate Transmogrification,’ Leonard stays with Raj’s sister Pria, and Raj ends up living with Sheldon. At one moment, Raj paraphrases Shakespeare and advises it’s better to have loved and lost than to stay home alone and download increasingly shameful videos from the internet. Raj always seems to come up short in these types of situations, and this advice seems to come from a character with a deep knowledge of what he’s saying.

Best: There’s A Time To Just Listen

Howard, Raj and Bernadette laughing in the lab in The Big Bang Theory

In the tenth episode of season seven, ‘The Discovery Dissipation,’ Raj is giving Howard and Bernadette some relationship advice, and, as Bernadette is explaining what problems she is facing, Howard butts in, defensive of himself.

Raj states that, sometimes, it’s better to just listen to Bernadette so they can work on their problems instead of Howard getting defensive. This advice can be applied to many situations and is certainly great advice from Raj that anyone can take on board.

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