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The Big Bang Theory: The 10 Best Scenes In Howard & Bernadette’s House, Ranked

Even though Bernadette didn't love the Wolowitz house at first, it soon became her home with Howard and their kids on The Big Bang Theory.

On The Big Bang Theory, Howard and Bernadette moved into Howard’s mother’s house after she passed away. Bernadette never felt comfortable in the house because everything was Howard’s or his mother’s; she never felt at home. There came a time wheN she was ready to renovate the house to make it more work better for them as a family. When all was said and done, it was the perfect family home where their friends were happy to visit.

While the gang typically hung out at apartment 4A, Howard and Bernadette’s home had exciting moments as well. After all, Raj and Stuart were Howard and Bernadette’s roommates. There was never a dull moment in the Wolwoitz-Rostenkowski residence.

A Baby Room Makeover

Howard dancing in his daughters bedroom - the big bang theory

When Howard was putting a sleep Halley to bed one night, she almost woke up by the sounds coming from the squeaky floors. Instead of redoing the entire floor, Howard and Raj mapped out the floor and found a way around the room that only a gymnast could navigate. This was definitely just a day of creative fun for the two besties.

Bed Rest

bed rest - the big bang theory

In the 11th season, Bernadette is on bed rest with her second pregnancy and Howard is on bed rest after having a vasectomy. Penny did what she could for the couple and babysat Halley while Bernadette and Howard rested.

Funny enough, the couple didn’t trust Penny with their child and called Amy for backup; they had no other option. Thanks to the baby monitor, the couple heard Halley call Penny “mama,” which made the entire scenario even funnier.

Stuart And Denise’s Alone Time

Stuart and denise visit howard and bernadette in the big bang theory

Howard and Bernadette didn’t mind Stuart living with them because he helped out around the house and was great with their children. But when he started dating Denise, things got tricky. Stuart began wining and dining Denise in Howard and Bernadette’s home but things escalated when they blasted music whenever they slept together in “The Procreation Calculation.” Seeing Howard and Bernadette as the chaperones of Stuart and Denise could be a have been a look inside their future as parents.

Sheldon’s Experiments On The Wolowitz Children

Sheldon and Amy babysit Howard's kids on The Big Bang Theory

When Penny and Bernadette went away for a conference, Howard was left on parenting duty. He was not alone, of course, because he invited the guys over to his house to play video games. Amy saw this as an opportunity to get Sheldon more accustomed to children.

If they were to have kids one day, she wanted to see how they would do in a real situation. Sheldon felt weird around the Wolowitz children but after realizing he could run safe experiments on them, he became excited at the prospect of having his own.

Annie X The Big Bang Theory

the gang cleaning Howard's kitchen on the Big Bang theory

After walking in on Stuart and Howard in the kitchen in their undies and socks, Bernadette realized she was the mother to grown men. She had a busy day of errands and was annoyed when she came home and found them and Raj sitting on the couch playing games. She decided that it was time for them to contribute and gave them a list of things to clean. While the guys were cleaning, they began singing “It’s the Hard Knock Life” from Annie. They were making their lives harder than necessary and didn’t give Bernadette enough credit.

Bernadette And Fortnite

In season 12, Bernadette wanted to be better at Fortnite but couldn’t seem to grab the hang of it. She practiced at work but still couldn’t beat Howard.

Denise told Bernadette that she could easily teach her how to play and the two began practicing on Bernadette’s couch. Funny enough, Denise was incredibly hard on Bernadette and called her names, which was exactly how Bernadette treats people when she’s teaching them something. She never did end up beating Howard but she did beat Penny!

Surprise! Penny’s Married

In the seventh season, everyone was heading over to Howard and Bernadette’s home when Penny found out that Las Vegas weddings are real. With that knowledge, Penny realized that she’s been married to her ex-boyfriend Zack for years and didn’t even realize it.

Throughout the evening, Leonard and Penny were arguing over her choices while everyone else was eavesdropping. Zack ended up coming over for Thanksgiving to sign the divorce papers, making it one of the show’s best Thanksgiving episodes yet.

The Dating App Game

When Amy and Sheldon broke up, Amy was ready to casually date to take her mind off Sheldon. Once the group found out that Stuart was a part of a successful dating app, the group of friends gathered at Howard and Bernadette’s for an epic game of dating.

With alcoholic beverages in hand, they put Amy’s phone screen on the TV and went through each potential suitor. They would take one sip if the guy was shirtless in his picture, two sips if he was holding a pet, and they had to chug if the guy was both shirtless and holding a pet. Amy didn’t end up choosing anyone from the app because as it turned out, she was already dating a man named Dave!

Hot Tub Intruders

Raj and Stuart in the hot tub on The Big Bang Theory

In “The Hot Tub Contamination,” Bernadette and Howard were supposed to go on a little getaway before the baby came but when Bernadette’s morning sickness was too intense, the couple decided to have a staycation at home instead.

Without telling anyone, the two stayed home enjoying themselves. But suddenly, they heard the hot tub turn on. Sitting in their hot tub was Stuart. And shortly after, Raj showed up! The two didn’t realize that Howard and Bernadette were home and welcomed themselves to their amenities. Little did they know, the couple saw the whole thing.

The Last Supper

The gang eating dinner at the Wolowitz' dining room in TBBT

Howard was devastated when his mother passed away unexpectedly. Things got worse when the power at her home went out and all the homemade food she had in the freezer was going bad. Instead of throwing it out, Howard threw a last supper for all of his friends and all of the leftovers by Mama Wolowitz. It was an incredibly touching episode and the perfect goodbye.

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