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The Big Bang Theory: The 10 Best Scenes In Leonard & Sheldon’s Apartment, Ranked

Leonard and Sheldon's home, Apartment 4A, was hangout central on The Big Bang Theory. The gang had many fun, nerdy nights and takeout dinners there.

Apartment 4A was one of the main settings in The Big Bang Theory. It was the home of Leonard and Sheldon for years before Sheldon moved out and Penny moved in. But even with the swapping of roommates, apartment 4A was where everyone gathered on The Big Bang Theory. It was the place they ate takeout dinners, had game nights, and shared intimate moments as friends and couples.

Because of Sheldon’s comfortability of being at home, it made the most sense for everyone to gather there, especially with Penny just across the hall. It soon became the place where the guys and gals would split up and have their own nights. With 12 seasons and almost 280 episodes, countless iconic moments happened between apartment 4A’s walls.

A Weekend Full Of Star Wars

The episode The Weekend Vortex on the big bang theory

It’s always a fun episode when the guys plan an entire weekend dedicated to one of their hobbies. From movies to comic books to games, it’s always a needed bonding moment.

In “The Weekend Vortex,” the guys planned on playing the new Star Wars game all weekend. The only problem is that Sheldon promised Amy he would go to her grandmother’s birthday party with her. When Sheldon arrived at Amy’s car with his computer and headphones, she realized he was going to be poor company at the party and sent him back inside. He ended up having a great time with his friends at home but was definitely in the dog house with Amy.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

In “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” Sheldon fell ill and everyone close to him ran away because a sick Sheldon is a miserable Sheldon. The one person who got stuck in his trap was Penny. She spent the whole day with Sheldon, following his commands in his apartment.

Leonard eventually needed to go home to get his glasses but did everything he could to go undetected by Penny and Sheldon. Using robotic technology, Leonard crawled through his apartment to make it to his room. Unfortunately for him, Penny caught him and left so that Leonard could take her place as Sheldon’s reluctant caregiver.

When Their Apartment Was Broken Into

sheldon and leonard talk to a cop after being robbed on the big bang theory

In “The Bozeman Reaction,” Sheldon was beside himself when their apartment was broken into. Their computers and games were all stolen. Sheldon and Leonard had a hard time wrapping their heads around the burglary and felt unsafe. Sheldon refused to sleep in case the robbers came back. He tried staying up all night before deciding to hide in his room and create a fortress in front of his bedroom door. But when he realized he couldn’t leave his own room, he climbed out of his window and entered Leonard’s room — who was busy under the covers with Penny.

Seeing Sheldon create a security system in their home to catch the bad guys was humorous but it came full circle when Sheldon got caught in his own net of destruction.

All The Fun With Flag’ Episodes

Sheldon and Amy hosting the final episode of Fun with Flags

When Sheldon and Amy wanted to share their knowledge of vexillology, they created a YouTube show called Fun With Flags. Every week, Sheldon sat in front of the camera and talked about different flags and their histories while Amy filmed. Eventually, Amy and Sheldon did the show in front of the camera together.

Before the couple moved into apartment 4B, they filmed Fun With Flags in their living room. Seeing how hilariously awkward Sheldon was in front of the camera made it hilarious. Episodes became funnier when he had surprise guests (his friends) join the show to talk about flags. It was fun to see the creative side of Sheldon.

Sheldon And Amy’s Fort

When Sheldon was feeling down in the dumps, Amy suggested building a fort to make him feel better. It was date night, after all. The two grabbed all the blankets and sheets from the apartment and made an epic fort. Sheldon felt instantly happier. They had such a good time that Sheldon even agreed to have Amy sleep over.

When Leonard came back from his night out, Sheldon was so excited to show Leonard his fort. He wanted to deny him entry but also wanted to show him how glorious it was. It was a special moment.

Beverly Vs. Mary

In the eighth season, Sheldon and Leonard won an award, so their mothers flew into town for the ceremony. It was the first time Beverly Hofstadter and Mary Cooper were meeting and the guys weren’t sure how they would mingle; they were complete opposites.

As expected, Mary and Beverly had a hard time ignoring their personal values. Beverly found Mary to be too religious and Mary found Beverly to be too arrogant. Watching them throw digs at each other while their sons tried to pick up the pieces in their living room was amazing television.

Teaching Penny “A Little Physics”

When Penny and Leonard began dating, Penny wanted to understand Leonard’s job. No matter how many times he explained what he did, Penny couldn’t comprehend it. She begged Sheldon to teach her a “little physics,” to which Sheldon obliged.

Penny showed up to apartment 4A ready to learn and Sheldon was ready to teach. He viewed this lesson as an experiment. Hours went by and the only thing Penny could grasp was that Fig Newtons were created in a small town in Massachusetts. Seeing Sheldon trying to teach Penny a part of his complicated world was hilarious.

The Dance Of Seduction

Sheldon Dancing in The Big Bang Theory

When Sheldon and Amy realized their brain cell project had incredibly high results, Sheldon became eager to procreate. Amy, however, was not ready to become a mother. She and Sheldon haven’t even come close to that step in their relationship — even though Amy was more than ready.

It all came to a boil when Sheldon — who is dressed in a suit — did a dance of seduction in apartment 4A’s living room. It was a side of Sheldon no had seen before!

Battle Of The Sexes

In “The Re-Entry Minimization,” Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, and Penny decided to have a battle of the sexes game night. With Amy and Penny teaming up against Sheldon and Leonard, the couples competed in long division, finding Waldo in a sea of Waldos, and guessing games. Sheldon and Leonard assumed they would win game night against the ladies but Amy and Penny proved them wrong. Watching the four of them with their faces stuffed in a blueberry pie was unmatched.

How Leonard Met Sheldon

Leonard meets sheldon for the first time in their apartment - the big bang theory

When Sheldon and Leonard got into an argument, Leonard ran over to Penny’s to get away from him. It was then that Penny asked Leonard why he continued to live with Sheldon if he couldn’t stand him. Leonard then dove into the history of their friendship and how he came to live with him.

Leonard answered an ad for a roommate and was intrigued by the scientific background needed to answer the questions. When he met Sheldon, viewers saw apartment 4A for the first time before Leonard’s influence. It was completely bare and cold and needed desperate attention. The more questions Leonard answered correctly, the more of the apartment Leonard got to see. Viewers even got to learn how Leonard and Sheldon became friends with Howard and Raj.

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