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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Other People The Characters Could Have Ended Up With, According To Reddit

At first glance it seems like the characters of The Big Bang Theory wound up with their soul mates, but who could have made great couples?

At the start of The Big Bang Theory, the show focused on four best friends and their love of science, comic books, and gaming. As time went on, that mindset slowly shifted when girls got involved. Leonard was constantly chasing Penny, Howard was going after any woman that remotely blinked in his direction, and Raj wished he had a girl to fill his time with when his friends were busy.

Eventually, everyone found their match and the group of four grew into a group of seven (sorry, Raj). However, what if Leonard and Penny didn’t get married? Or what if Howard and Bernadette broke up after realizing they didn’t have much in common? According to Reddit, there are a few different couples that fans would have liked seeing.

Sheldon & Vanessa

a blind date named Vanessa shows up at Sheldons apartment on the Big Bang theory

When Sheldon and Amy broke up, Raj and Howard tried setting him up with a woman on Craiglist. The three men put together a puzzle of sorts filled with intellectual questions and equations that would lead the woman to his apartment if she was able to solve it.

A little after the deadline, a knock was at the door and it was a woman named Vanessa. She was gorgeous, witty, and smart enough to answer the group’s questions. Sadly, Sheldon shut the door in her face because she was past the deadline. Fans, however, wished he would have given her a chance.

Penny & Amy

Amy with arm around Penny in The Big Bang Theory

When Amy warmed up around and Penny and Bernadette, it was almost like she had a crush on Penny instead of Sheldon. She called Penny “bestie,” she always wanted to hang out with her, and let’s not forget about the painting.

Amy originally had the artist paint them naked but she added clothes at the last second. Flipping the switch and having Amy and Penny date for a while would have been a fun storyline. After all, Amy and Leonard are relatively similar based on their intelligence.

Raj & Howard

It’s a long-running joke in the series that Howard and Raj have been in love with each other for years but never acted on their feelings. Howard was always chasing a girl while Raj seemed to be chasing Howard, hoping he wouldn’t leave him alone.

Instead of Howard falling in love with Bernadette, he should have realized how strong his feelings for Raj were and followed them. There was no one more compatible in the series than Raj and Howard.

Raj & Missy

Melissa (Missy) is Sheldon’s twin sister. She was introduced in the first season and then showed up again when Sheldon got married. With a Southern accent, she was the complete opposite of Sheldon, which his friends enjoyed. Missy was stunning and everyone pined after her.

Missy wasn’t interested in any of Sheldon’s friends, but she was especially sweet to Raj. If Raj wound up with Missy, his confidence would have been through the roof.

Amy & Leonard

leonard and amy going to a wedding - the big bang theory

Would Leonard and Amy be a good couple? Some fans on Reddit think they would have been a better pairing than Amy and Sheldon.

For starters, both Leonard and Amy were obsessed with advancing their own relationships. They were also confident and brave at work. In the few times viewers saw Amy and Leonard team up in apartment 4A, they communicated nicely and didn’t have too many differences.

Leonard & Alex

Sheldon's assistant Alex talks to Leonard at Caltech in The Big Bang Theory

As soon as Penny was debating on whether to keep dating Leonard or not, she hears about Leonard and Sheldon’s assistant, Alex. Thinking about her boyfriend flirting with another woman made her realize that she didn’t want to break up with Leonard after all.

Alex was smart, beautiful, and understood what Leonard and Sheldon talked about. She would have made a lovely addition to the group if Leonard chose Alex over Penny.

Raj & Stuart

Stuart and raj sitting in the mall trying to meet women in the Big Bang theory

Raj and Stuart were two of the last singletons on the show. They started spending more time together because only they knew what the other was going through. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have made a great couple? They were both a tad socially awkward, had the same interests, and could have encouraged each other to reach for the stars. The two of them would have boosted each other’s confidence.

While fans liked Raj and Dr. Emily together, Stuart and Raj could have been the better choice.

Sheldon & Penny

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Penny in the elevator.

Fans are torn between the relationship between Sheldon and Penny. Some think their bond is more adjacent to a brother and sister partnership, while others think it’s something deeper.

Whenever Sheldon and Leonard are in an argument, Penny typically defends Sheldon. And if she doesn’t, she almost always winds up comforting him in some way. Likewise, Sheldon grew to love and need Penny; something he didn’t expect to happen. If these two fell for each other, it could have made a great spinoff.

Raj & Bernadette

Raj and Bernadette do a Bollywood dance in his dream on The Big Bang Theory

Raj and Bernadette was another potential relationship that fans were waiting to see. When Bernadette began dating Howard, Raj started having feelings for her and imagining a life where she chose him instead of Howard.

And to be fair, Raj and Bernadette would have made more sense than Bernadette and Howard. Raj was far more attentive to Bernadette and was interested in her life at work. He was also far more mature and helpful during her pregnancy than Howard was. These two were an opportunity missed.

Penny & Bernadette

penny and bernadette take anu to dinner - tbbt season 12

Bernadette and Penny met each other at The Cheesecake Factory, but they didn’t become close until Bernadette started dating Howard. As the years went on, they grew closer and started working together when Penny gave up acting.

They vented to each other, confided in each other, and enjoyed their time together more than their time with Howard and Leonard. These two women could have been the ultimate power couple!

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