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The Big Bang Theory: Howard & Amy’s Best Moments As Friends

The Big Bang Theory's Amy and Howards weren't the closest, but the two still shared some pretty great friendship moments when on-screen together.

Howard and Amy are two characters who have great chemistry but are rarely seen on screen together on The Big Bang Theory. Due to Amy’s relationship with Sheldon, Howard is more or less not keen on creating a deep bond with Amy. Sheldon is a friend that Howard tolerates. He’s the most outspoken person against Sheldon in most situations, so it’s fair that he and Amy aren’t hanging out every weekend.

However, those moments where Amy and Howard do hang out are gold. The two have such playful banter and get to do things together that their partners don’t enjoy (i.e dancing and magic). Because of their playful relationship, Amy and Howard are the duo fans deserved more of.

Amy Was A Big Help For His Wedding

Howard and Bernadette posing with their bridal party at their wedding on TBBT

When Howard and Bernadette had to expedite their wedding for his space adventure, one of the most supportive people in their group was Amy.

Sure, her desire for their wedding was selfish in that she wanted to wear a pretty dress and tiara but she still went above and beyond to make the day special. She made sure the couple had everything they need to make the day special. She also kept Sheldon in line for Howard’s sake.

Howard Got Mark Hamill To Officiate Amy & Sheldon’s Wedding

The Big Bang Theory Wedding Episode

When Howard met Mark Hamill on a whim, he was able to convince him to officiate Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. While Amy wasn’t as big of a Star Wars fan as Sheldon was, having Mark Hamill there would have made their day incredibly special and unlike anyone else’s.

For anyone who thought Howard didn’t care about Sheldon or Amy, getting Mark to make a guest appearance at their wedding spoke volumes.

They Love Neil Diamond

howard and Amy singing in the car in the Big Bang theory

When Amy and Howard partnered up for a team scavenger hunt, they tried to think of things they had in common for the car ride. As Amy went through Howard’s CDs, she realized they had one thing in common: their love for Neil Diamond.

The two had such a good time singing his music that they got off track and ignored the scavenger hunt altogether. They even went to a karaoke bar to continue singing Neil Diamond in front of strangers. It was one of their best moments together.

Their Partnership In The Lab Was Electric

Amy and Howard smiling in her lab

In “The Collaboration Contamination,” Amy tells the group that she’s working on a project at work involving robots. When Howard helps her with a robotic problem she was having, they decide to team up to better her project.

Howard was impressed by Amy’s lab and ended up spending more time there than he anticipated. The two had so much fun creating this robot that they spent more time together than with their spouses. Even Raj became jealous!

Howard Introduced Amy To Sheldon

Let’s not forget that “Shamy” wouldn’t be an item without Howard and Raj. The two buddies decided to have some fun and see if there was a perfect girl for Sheldon. Lo and behold, Amy Farrah Fowler checked all of the boxes and ended up being Sheldon’s dream girl (it just took him five years to realize it).

Howard didn’t always support Amy and Sheldon, especially in the early years, but it became obvious that no one was better for Sheldon than Amy.

She Loved His Magic

Amy is shocked by Howards magic trick on the big bang theory

Howard wasn’t just an engineer and astronaut, he was also a gifted magician. Everyone loved Howard’s magic tricks (except for his wife, that is) but Amy was mystified by his skills.

While Howard was working in Amy’s lab, the two mixed business with pleasure when Howard played around with magic tricks during their workday. Seeing Amy light up after finding her card of choice stuck between a brain was hilarious.

Howard Warned Amy That Bert Liked Her

Bert standing next to Amy in the lab on The Big Bang Theory

When Amy starts working at Caltech for a short project, she becomes friends with a geologist, Bert. However, when Howard and Raj witness Bert’s behavior around Amy, it becomes clear to them that he had a crush on her.

Amy denied any kind of romantic feelings between the two but Howard and Raj stood their ground. Just as he would do with Penny or Leonard, Howard teased Amy about having two boyfriends and having a string of suitors.

Amy Proposed Experiments On Howard’s Kids

The big bang theory - the gang does experiments on howards kids

Everyone thinks it was Sheldon who wanted to perform scientific experiments on Howard and Bernadette’s kids, but it was Amy’s master plan all along. She wanted Sheldon to get an interest in children, so she appealed to the scientist within Sheldon and suggested testing the Wolowitz kids.

At first, Howard was against the idea but after hearing how interesting the experiments were, he agreed to it. With Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard by their sides, Howard and Amy had a blast experimenting.

Howard Tried Finding Amy Her Next Boyfriend

The characters of TBBT play a drinking game

When Amy and Sheldon break up and she was ready to date again, Howard did his best by having everyone over to go through dating apps together.

With her phone attached to the screen, the group made a drinking game while searching for a suitable partner. Amy was uncomfortable by all the judging and swiping but it proved that Howard was #TeamAmy in the breakup.

A Valentine’s Day Spent On A Train

Amy, bernadette, and howard spend valentines day on a train with sheldon on the Big Bang theory

Of all the people to spend Valentine’s Day with, it was odd that Amy and Sheldon would spend it with Howard and Bernadette. Howard and Bernadette loved Amy but were not necessarily thrilled with spending alone time with Sheldon.

Nevertheless, while Sheldon was off making friends on a train, Howard and Bernadette helped Amy cope with her unique relationship. Seeing how attentive Howard was to both his wife and his friend proved that he really did care about Amy’s happiness.

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