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“You Just Insulted the Greatest Boxer of All Time”: Furious Fans Blast Jake Paul for Linking Himself With Legend Muhammad Ali and Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk has been preparing hard for his bout against Daniel Dubois. He’ll be defending his heavyweight titles for the second time after his last fight against Anthony Joshua. The Ukrainian boxer has been getting a lot of support from people belonging to his hometown as the fight is scheduled to take place in Poland, where a lot of Ukrainians are sojourning at the moment. So much so, that the well-known Youtuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, has also blatantly shown his support for ‘The Cat’.

Currently, Paul is in Poland to be ringside at Usyk vs. Dubois fight. He even shot a video with the world champion, where he uttered his infamous cheeky phrase, “I’m very feel“.  Anyway, in the video, Paul stated, “I’m finally in my homeland, a lot of you don’t know I’m Polish!” He then continued. “We’re here, I’m very feel.” Although, many fans were furious about the caption made on the Instagram Post.

Fans are agitated by the comparison of Jake Paul with Oleksandr Usyk and Muhammad Ali


After their meeting, Jake Paul’s promotional banner, Most Valuable Promotions, uploaded a picture of them together. In the caption, they wrote, “What do Jake Paul, Oleksandr Usyk, and Muhammad Ali all have in common? Greatness from Birth“. Now this statement did not sit well with a lot of boxing fans.


One of the fans stated that they’ll be unfollowing their account, because of the apparent disrespect on the great names like Oleksandr Usyk and Muhammad Ali. They wrote, “Unfollowing this page for saying such insult to Ali nd usyk“.

Another fan also showed their frustration after legendary boxers were compared to Jake Paul. They wrote, “You just insulted the greatest boxer of all time by even mentioning him in the same breath as Jake“.

One fan commented as a joke that Paul shouldn’t be allowed to hang out anywhere near Usyk. They wrote, “Lol jake u shouldn’t be allowed to stand beside him“.

A fan tried to put down ‘The Problem Child’ by reminding him how his arch-nemesis, KSI, managed to completely sell a whole stadium in just “10 hours“. They wrote, “Doesn’t change the fact that ksi sold out an event in less than 10 hours and yours sell out on fight week“.

An Instagram User talked about how Paul has lost any right to be called a boxer after losing to Tommy Fury. They wrote, “Jake lost to a Love Island star who’s a part-timer in boxing so how’s he greatness?

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