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48 Hours After Calling Out “Afraid” Manny Pacquiao, Italian Coach Faces the Axe at the FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup has just started, but the level of drama it commences is unbelievable. Right from fans holding up funny and creative signs to coaches calling out people for a fight. It is said that in highly competitive sports, things just happen in the heat of the moment, but this FIBA World Cup is filled with such moments. During the opening day of the 2023 FIBA World Cup, the Italian coach managed to steal the spotlight. He called out the Filipino boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao, for a fight.

Not only that, but during the clash against the Dominican Republic, Italian Coach Gianmarco Pozzecco got entangled in a situation. This is the second situation the coach faced just after calling out the legendary Filipino boxer.

Italian coach gets ejected during a match

During the match between Italy and the Dominican Republic at the FIBA World Cup, not only the player but also the Italian coach was fired up. The first technical foul occurred at the end of the first quarter, with only 42 seconds remaining. Pozzecco’s strong interaction with the officials concluded in a definitive call, resulting in a technical foul against him. This first altercation established the tone for the remainder of the game, indicating an exciting matchup.

Pozzecco’s antics on the sidelines worsened in the second quarter, resulting in his ejection from the game before halftime. Despite his angry personality, Pozzecco’s relationship with his squad was visible, as he inspired them even when he was not there. He assembled his team for a last huddle, providing encouragement and strategic direction.


Pozzecco displayed his appreciation for the game and its players in an unexpected show of sportsmanship. He had an emotional hug with Dominican Republic coach Nestor Garcia, transcending the excitement of the game and emphasizing the brotherhood among coaches. He also shared high-fives with rival team members, highlighting the unity that basketball can build despite the intense competition.

Pozzecco called out the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao

Italy emerged victorious in the World Cup’s first day against Angola. Coach Pozzecco’s post-match press conference took their victory to another level. Known for his charismatic and unconventional approach, Pozzecco set the stage for an amusing and headline-worthy moment by introducing a different game plan against the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. His unexpected shout-out added a layer of intrigue and amusement to the conference. He went about calling out the legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

He said, “Where is Manny Pacquiao? Why didn’t he come? Is he afraid of me? I was his big fan when he fought Mayweather, and I was so sad, but okay. Tell him to call me; we’ve got a match. I’ll be waiting in my room.” This left the entire world in shock and amused by the weird antics of Pozzecco.

Despite technical fouls and callouts, Pozzecco’s presence in the basketball arena provides a unique flavor, leaving spectators and analysts in awe. As the FIBA World Cup continues with its full glory, fans are wondering about the next drama that the Italian Coach will cause.

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