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“Floyd Is Faster Than Usain Bolt”: Fans Brand Floyd Mayweather “Coward” After Past Controversial Remarks About Muhammad Ali and Other Boxing Legends Resurface

The complexity of the sport, the wide variety of styles, and the difference in time period have caused the debate about who the best boxer is to be unending. However, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has always stacked his claims as the greatest boxer of all time. For these claims, he has even been targeted by ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Moreover, back in 2020 a Thai boxer broke past his 50-0 record and reached a 54-0, which caused fans to call him the new TBE (The Best Ever). Even though it took 62 years for the record of 49-0 set by Marciano to be broken by Mayweather, his own record was broken pretty quickly.

This caused the boxing legend to go off on Chayaphon Moonsri and stated that the fighter had only beaten one world champion. He said, “This is who y’all are trying to Call TBE?”. Furthermore, He brought Ali into the conversation as he said, “Okay, y’all are some comedians. Is Ali the same fighter that got beat by a fighter with seven fights?”. Mayweather pointed out that Leon Spinks defeated the beloved boxer “when he only had seven fights.” He also questioned, “How many world champions did Rocky Marciano beat? So we already know, I beat more champions that’s going in the hall of fame.”

Quote from Floyd Mayweather sparks an intense reaction from fans

As this quote from Mayweather resurfaced on Facebook, fans were left infuriated by the comments of the boxing legend. The post also shared the list of great opponents he had beaten. Addressing the list, one fan claimed that all those boxers were “fighters and not like runners.” The fan even did a little wordplay with TBE and wrote, “They are not the boastful ever. They are the best ever.” Below is a video of Mayweather claiming himself to be the face of boxing…

Another fan stated that he had seen all of the boxers mentioned fight. He was left impressed by the fact that Mayweather had defeated such a fighter. He wrote, “I have seen all those guys fight. That’s a very impressive list of guys that he beat.” Meanwhile, one fan branded Floyd Mayweather the title of a “COAT” and called him the “most COWARD boxer of all time”.

However, someone else claimed that Mayweather only won the bouts as he had bribed the judges. He accused Mayweather as he wrote, “You are 50-0 for a price Floyd.” 

One fan called the boxing legend a runner and stated that he “don’t stand a toe to toe fight.” Meanwhile one fan also in the same vein joked, “Floyd is faster than usain bolt.”

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