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‘He’s Good for Boxing’: Mike Tyson’s Past Prophetic Words on Jake Paul’s Rise to Boxing Stardom

Mike Tyson's 2020 predictions about YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul proved to be a crystal ball into the future of boxing.

“Hey, listen, I only saw [Jake] Paul, I’ve never seen Fury fight. Paul does have boxing experience. He boxed before because it shows in his fights and he’s won against people that he shouldn’t beat.”

That’s what Mike Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion, had to say ahead of the much-anticipated Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury showdown back in 2023. Ah, memories! Let’s rewind the tape and dive back into this game-changing moment in sports history.

The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ and His Nostradamus Moment

Who knew that Mike Tyson, a man infamous for his prowess in the boxing ring, would be a bona fide soothsayer? The legend shared a card with Jake Paul during his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr in 2020, and his predictions about Paul’s future have proven eerily accurate.

The Paul Effect on Boxing’s Mainstream Culture

“I don’t think they brought him here to lose either, because he’s good for fighting and is good for boxing. He makes more money than the champions of boxing,” Tyson had stated, as reported by Sportslens.com. “Whoever don’t [respect him] is out of their mind. He’s making more money for the fighters.”

Paul’s influence has been undeniable. Since venturing into the world of boxing, Paul faced six fights and made a clean sweep with four wins by knockout. Many criticized him for not having faced a “real” boxer, but let’s not forget Tyson’s words: Paul’s ascent in boxing wasn’t just about fighting; it was also about elevating the sport’s entertainment value and profitability.

“So He’s an Enigma”

Mike Tyson called it—Jake Paul is an enigma in the world of boxing. The YouTuber is making waves and stacking up victories, challenging the way we look at the sport and its athletes. Tyson, ever the boxing sage, recognized that the blend of social media savvy and genuine boxing talent made Paul a unique phenomenon in the ring.

What About the Furies?

While Tyson acknowledged Jake Paul’s talent, he hadn’t seen Tommy Fury fight before their showdown. Tommy, the younger sibling of two-time heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, was considered more experienced in traditional boxing metrics. Yet, Iron Mike had his eyes set on Jake Paul, and as history showed us, perhaps that’s where we all should have been looking.

When it comes to Mike Tyson’s predictions, maybe we should all start paying a little more attention. After all, when the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ speaks, you listen.

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