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“Sting Makes Undertaker Look Fraudulent”: 64 Year Old Sting Defies Age by Pulling Off a High-Risk Stunt at AEW All In, Fans in Utter Disbelief

One thing that wrestling fans complain about older wrestlers is the fact that they don’t put as much effort as the younger guys. But that is not the case when it comes to Sting. The legend who carried WCW on his back 90s still comes out to AEW shows and has matches in the company.

But on the occasion of AEW’s biggest show, he brought his best as well. Only his best-surprised fans all over the world because of his current age!

Fans are shocked as Sting proves his value to AEW with a crazy spot at AEW All In

In his Coffin match against Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland, the duo of Sting and Darby Allin got Strickland on a table. While Sting dove on him to break the table, the table didn’t give in. But the next time that Sting jumped, the table did break. But this sent fans into a frenzy, both live and on social media.

While the two won the match at the end, it didn’t come without crazy spots in the middle. This table spot was just another one in a series of risks that Sting didn’t have to attempt but he did. Entertaining fans is in the blood of any legend and Sting just proved that he won’t stop doing these things in even this late in his career.

Age is just a number when it comes to wrestling, and Sting proves it.

Sting still getting fans on their seats.


The most baffling thing is that Sting is 64!


That was truly one crazy move by Sting.


This fan thinks that Sting’s daredevil acts show that The Undertaker could’ve done it as well.

This fan just thinks that this could lead to a horrible end for Sting.

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