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“He Is Strong and Wise Like His Grandfather [Muhammad Ali]”: Fans Join Mother Rasheda Ali in Consoling Nico Ali Walsh Following First Career Loss

Nico Ali Walsh suffered his first career loss at the hands of Sona Akale on August 26. But given his age and legacy, it shouldn’t be a problem for Muhammad Ali’s grandson to bounce back. Rasheda Ali, the greatest’s daughter, and Nico Ali Walsh’s mother, joined him in the ring, praying to the Almighty. The moving and motivational image and message touched fans, who couldn’t have asked for more.

Rasheda Ali, who recently shared the happy news of her father’s felicitation by the Association of Boxing Commissions, said, “Alhumduallah upon ALL conditions! Trust that Allah’s plan will always be good for you! Nico is extremely determined to get back to work!!” Most of the fans commended the family for their values. Of course, a few naysayers did find a way to have their say.

Fantastic sight: Nico Ali Walsh and his mother pray for divine favor

Praying to God to shower all his blessings on the family, the following user mentioned how Nico Ali Walsh takes after his legendary grandfather’s sturdiness and intelligence. “God bless the whole family …. He is strong and wise, like his grandfather.” The user said. Then this fan expressed his belief that despite the loss, Ali’s grandson still has a great future staring at him: “He still has a great forward (future).

Completely taken in by the sight of Nico Ali Walsh and his mother praying together, the following user said, “MasAllah. So wonderful a sight when Blessed Mother and Son pray together.” The flavor of the comments soon switched. This fan exhorted Ali Walsh to stop hiding from Danny (Rosenberger). The fan said, “Tell Nico [to] quit running from Danny. He’s a bum-a** fighter.


But probably the fan wasn’t done. He once again joined, urging Nico Ali Walsh to stay with boxing. A move to mixed martial arts could prove ominous: “Stick to boxing, hee get destroyed in MMA.

Finally, the following user got down to the nitty-gritty of Saturday’s fight with Sona Akale. The user said that he had seen the bout and felt that Akale, despite the pressure he tried applying, bore the brunt of Ali Walsh’s onslaught. Such a precarious position in a contest is unprecedented for Muhammad Ali’s grandson.

Disagreeing with the verdict, the user believes the match could have been a draw instead. He said, “I see the fight. Akale just put pressure, but he has been targeted the most. I saw his legs whipped after Ali’s punch. Ali has never been in such [a] situation in this fight. I disagree [with] the decision; [the] minimum was [a] draw, and maybe not…

A sneak peek at Nico Ali Walsh’s career

Since he turned pro boxer two years ago, Nico Ali Walsh has been on a winning streak. However, the golden run, eight-nil, met with the first hurdle in May when he fought Danny Rosenberger. Though initially declared a split-decision draw, the match on May 20 was later ruled a no-contest because of Rosenberger’s failing banned substance tests. Only time will tell how the young boxer takes a setback in stride and carries his grandfather’s legacy forward.

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