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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Underrated Moments That Aren’t Talked About Enough

The Big Bang Theory has a lot of classic moments, like Amy and Sheldon winning the Nobel Prize, but the sitcom has some sweet, subtler scenes, too.

With almost 280 episodes and 12 seasons to its name, The Big Bang Theory has had some monumental moments in a sitcom. Sheldon and Amy finally got their Nobel Prize by the series finale; Leonard and Penny were finally committed to one another; Raj realized he didn’t need to marry someone to hide from being lonesome; the formerly immature Howard became a husband and a father, and he proved Sheldon wrong by going to space.

But for every popular moment on TBBT, there were hundreds of small, underrated scenes sprinkled in. After all, it’s the small moments in the series that make the big ones so special.

When Sheldon Asks Penny To Do One Thing For Him…

Sheldon asks penny not to hurt his friend on the big bang theory

When Penny and Leonard began dating again after taking time off to be friends, everyone was happy that they finally listened to their feelings and followed through. However, after a couple of weeks, Penny became complacent in their relationship. She told Amy and Bernadette that was considering breaking up with him… again.

When Sheldon caught wind of the news, he woke her up in the middle of the night to talk about what he heard. As he left, he begged her to “Please don’t hurt my friend,” which tugged on everyone’s heartstrings.

The Tiara

Amy in a tiara on The Big Bang Theory

In “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver,” Amy became upset when Sheldon ignored her great news at work and focused on himself. Thanks to Penny, he realized that Amy deserved some credit and decided to get her a gift to show his appreciation.

While at the jewelry store, there were a plethora of options that he could have chosen from but he picked the one thing that he knew Amy would love. Amy was annoyed that Sheldon thought he could buy her love but when she saw the glistening tiara staring at her, her mind quickly changed. This gift proved how well Sheldon knew his girlfriend. No matter how ignorant he acts sometimes, he knows his lady.

Sheldon Saved Raj

In the third season, Raj faced a dilemma when his work visa through Caltech was about to expire, which would then deport him back to India. Raj loved his job, his friends, and the home he made for himself; he wasn’t ready to leave.

Shockingly, Sheldon came through for his friend and offered him a chance to work for him. He wanted to explore string theory and could use Raj’s help. And while working with Sheldon had its cons, it was the only way Raj could stay in the country. Without Sheldon’s immediate assistance, Raj would have been deported. That moment of generosity is not talked about enough.

Battle Of Secret Languages

Amy and penny had their own secret language on the Big Bang theory

In season 10, Amy had been living with Sheldon in Penny’s apartment as an experiment while her own apartment was under construction. But when her place was done ready than expected, Amy continued lying to Sheldon because she enjoyed living with him.

When Sheldon caught on that his girlfriend could have been lying to him, Penny covered for Amy, which confused Sheldon all the more. Sheldon and Leonard began talking about the conspiracy in Klingon but they weren’t alone. Penny and Amy began speaking about their plan in Amy’s fictitious language, Ubbi Dubbi. This moment was incredibly underrated. It also made fans wish they had more Ubbi Dubbi scenes.

How Mary Was Able To Manipulate Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory - Mary leans down to talk to Sheldon, who sits on the floor in his bathrobe

“The Zazzy Substitution,” Mary Cooper showed up to apartment 4A after hearing that Sheldon had a meltdown when breaking up with Amy Farrah Fowler. With a tender heart and careful hands, Mary nursed Sheldon back to health using reverse psychology. Leonard saw what Mary did and was impressed. Funny enough, Mary was pulling her reverse psychology schemes on Leonard too. This tactic proved how brilliant Mary really was.

Amy & Sheldon’s Interest In Role Playing

the big bang theory - Amy and sheldon play doctor Star Trek "style"

A wildly underrated aspect of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is their interest in roleplaying. Even before they had an intimate relationship, they had fun when Amy dressed up as a Star Trek character and played “doctor.” Sheldon didn’t want to like it but couldn’t help himself. Later, when Sheldon and Amy consummated their relationship, they chased each other into their apartment dressed as characters from Harry Potter. This naughty side of their relationship should have definitely been highlighted more.

The Bond Between Amy & Howard

Amy and Howard smiling in her lab

The friendship between Amy and Howard was not shown enough. The first time fans got a glimpse of their time together was during Raj’s scavenger hunt. After that, they only hung out in a group setting. They eventually got to work in Amy’s lab together, which reminded everyone what a fun duo they were. From singing to magic, this friendly duo never got the admiration they should have.

Their Casual Friendship With Wil Wheaton

The Habitation Configuration episode - Wil Wheaton and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

Do Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard realize how cool it is to be friends with Wil Wheaton? It’s shocking that they don’t faint every time Wil shows up at their apartment or the comic book store.

Being a part of one of their favorite franchises, one would think that the group would fawn over Wil whenever he showed up. Instead, they treated him like one of their own and didn’t think too much otherwise. It’s unusual that they’re friends with a superstar and yet it’s rarely talked about.

The Friendship Between Penny & Beverly

penny hugging beverly - the big bang theory

Penny and Dr. Beverly Hofstadter couldn’t be more different. They had nothing in common aside from knowing Leonard. But in a strange turn of events, Beverly became attached to Penny. As the years went on, Beverly created a friendship with Penny and started calling her to gossip. They both taught each other things without being condescending. While everyone was focused on the relationship between Leonard and Beverly, they should have been focusing on Penny and Beverly.

Amy Loved Sheldon But Wouldn’t Lose Herself For Him

Sheldon Dancing in The Big Bang Theory

All the women in TBBT are strong-willed but Amy deserved credit for turning down a chance to procreate with the man she loved when he was willing to do it for science. Considering how badly Amy wanted to take the next step with Sheldon, she wasn’t willing to compromise her integrity just to satisfy his itch for experiments. This proved how level-headed she was and how it wasn’t the right decision for their relationship at that time. Holding herself back took guts but she was strong enough to do it.

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