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3 Years After His ‘Big-Time’ G.O.A.T Claim, Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Makes Brutally Honest Revelation on US Open Sensation Coco Gauff -‘She Doesn’t Get..’

With the US Open on the horizon, all the eyes will be on the home favorite, Coco Gauff. With recent success at the Citi Open and Cincinnati Masters, she will be looking to carry her form and win the US Open as well. Speaking about the tournament, the resilient Gauff fought her way into the second round by defeating her first-round German opponent, Laura Siegemund. However, there was a very special guest present in the stands who already had words of admiration for her.

Former boxing champion, Mike Tyson, in a recent sneak peek, revealed his views on Gauff. He also highlighted what makes her different from others in the current crop of players. However, this is not the first time that he has spoken highly about her, as he seems to be a great fan of the 19-year-old ace.

Mike Tyson reveals what makes Coco Gauff different from others

The US Open arena was not just a battleground of forehands and backhands, but a stage where the determination of young prodigy Coco Gauff took the center spotlight. The presence of renowned figures, including the legendary Mike Tyson, alongside a constellation of celebrities, created an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation. Gauff’s match transcended the mere exchange of serves and volleys, becoming a showcase of her exceptional perseverance. In a recent video from the US Open posted on Instagram, the boxing legend was asked about his views on the upcoming sensation.


The boxing champ did not hesitate to express his admiration for the 19-year-old star. He said that Gauff does not get discouraged and has the passion to persevere through tough times. Moreover, Tyson even claimed her as an upcoming champ: “Um, as she’s a young girl, she’s overcoming perseverance. She continues to go on, she doesn’t get discouraged, she is a big-time champion.”

The star-studded audience collectively bore witness to Gauff’s unwavering drive, a quality that transforms her into a beacon of inspiration for both budding athletes and seasoned champions. Amid the allure of celebrity presence, it was Gauff’s unyielding commitment to her craft that truly illuminated the arena. However, this is not the first time the former champion has come up with words of support for the young American prodigy.

Mike Tyson made a bold Gauff claim 3 years ago

It was 3 years ago when Mike Tyson saw the immense potential that the young American star holds. He claimed that Gauff could be the next big thing in tennis, going so far as to say that Coco Gauff is the future G.O.A.T. of the sport. Merely three years later, she has proved to be the next big thing in tennis. As this year’s final Grand Slam goes underway, everybody has been eyeing her as one of the strongest contenders to lead the legacy left by the champ Serena Williams.

Mike’s admiration for the upcoming champ has only grown over the years. With a bright future ahead of her, it is only wonders that one can expect from the star player. Also, charged with her recent success, she has been eyeing her first US Open as she looks to win her first Grand Slam title on her home soil.

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