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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things Amy Did That Fans Just Can’t Let Go Of

Throughout her time on The Big Bang Theory, Amy did more than a few head-scratching things, but some were easier for fans to move past than others.

While The Big Bang Theory was already an incredible juggernaut of a TV series, the show truly changed gears when Amy Farrah Fowler became part of it. Introduced as a love interest for Sheldon, she was an almost perfect match for him on an intellectual level. The only problem from Sheldon’s point of view was that she actually enjoyed spending time with other people.

Throughout her time on the series, Amy did more than a few head-scratching things, but that’s what made her so endearing to fans. Still, some of those odd moments were a lot harder to let go of than others.

She Almost Gave Up Her Nobel Nomination

Amy in her dress before she receives the Nobel Prize in Physics

Sheldon had a lot of very specific dreams and goals and a massive one was winning the Nobel Prize. With the help of Amy Farrah Fowler and two other scientists, Sheldon finally reached that goal at the end of the series.

But the university recommended that only three names went on the application. Despite contributing greatly to the work, Amy was willing to take a step back for Sheldon. Thankfully, it didn’t work out that way, but it was an unbelievable sacrifice nonetheless.

She Kind Of Screwed Stuart Over

Easily the saddest character on the series was Stuart, the down on his luck comic shop owner who could not seem to catch a break. And Amy just made things worse for him at one time.

Early in their relationship, Sheldon was extremely apprehensive about getting serious with Amy. As such, she went out with Stuart. But Sheldon interrupted it, asked Amy to be his girlfriend and she accepted. This all left Stuart reeling and wasn’t the best way that Amy could have handled the situation.

She Actually Signed A Relationship Agreement

Dating Sheldon was a difficult experience for Amy, to say the least. Leonard had it bad enough living with him, but Amy took on a challenge that few other people were willing to do and Sheldon didn’t always try to make it easier.

At the start of their formal relationship, Sheldon put an extensive agreement together that Amy was required to sign. Leonard had to sign a comparable agreement when they moved in together. Why either of them did it remains a mystery.

She Absolutely Nailed Valentine’s Day

What blew fans’ collective minds about Amy was how far she was willing to go for Sheldon. She truly loved him and he loved her. But one Valentine’s Day showed just how much she cared for him.

Knowing how passionate Sheldon was about trains, Amy arranged for them to have a romantic dinner on a vintage train. She did everything she could to make sure Sheldon was comfortable and happy, which was a raging success.

She Actually Broke Up With Sheldon At One Point

Amy and Sheldon have a serious conversation

No relationship is perfect, especially when Sheldon Cooper is part of the equation. Still, Amy seemed like the right woman for him from the first moment she appeared on the series.

But as patient as Amy was with Sheldon, even she had her breaking point. Sheldon eventually pushed her far enough that she ended their relationship, which shocked and saddened fans. They did eventually get back together, fortunately.

She Was Totally And Completely Obsessed With Penny

Penny and Amy in their hotel room for a spa day on The Big Bang Theory

Amy was fully in love with Sheldon. He was with her, as well, though he expressed it in a much different way than other people might have. While Amy’s love for Sheldon was quite powerful, her obsession with Penny may have actually been stronger.

Penny and Amy were extremely close friends, probably closer than Penny was comfortable with on many occasions, and there were certainly times that Amy was jealous of her. This led to some uncomfortable moments for fans.

She Guilt Tripped Bernadette Over Her Own Wedding

Bernadette and Amy dressed as Cinderella and Snow White in The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Bernadette were good friends before Amy joined the group. While they didn’t specifically have a problem with Amy, she still found it difficult to work her way into their dynamic.

When they forgot to include Amy in some of the planning aspects of Bernadette’s wedding, Amy somewhat played the guilt card on them. Bernadette buckled under the pressure, letting Amy get more involved than she initially planned.

She Got Sheldon To Admit He Has Emotions

Amy and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

When the series started, Sheldon came across as cold and disconnected from his own humanity. Flashbacks would eventually show fans that it was even more difficult for him to relate to other people before Leonard moved in.

Keeping in mind that Amy did eventually win a Nobel Prize, her greatest achievement might have been getting Sheldon to open up emotionally. For any fan who watched the entire series, Sheldon’s evolution was an incredible journey.

Her Wedding To Sheldon

Amy and Sheldon's wedding

For a lot of their relationship, Amy was not sure where everything was headed. There was a lot of new territory for Sheldon in the relationship, and it was slow going through a lot of their time together.

While some fans hoped that the end of their journey was Amy and Sheldon getting married, some weren’t sure that it was best for her. Those people were certainly stunned that the wedding actually happened and even fans who were fully behind the wedding were a little surprised.

She Ruined Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Amy and Sheldon are happy together

One of the most popular and beloved movies of all time is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first movie to feature Indiana Jones is considered by many to be the perfect film, including the geek squad on The Big Bang Theory.

Unfortunately for them, Amy destroyed that by pointing out that the movie would have ended pretty much the same whether Indiana Jones was part of the story or not. This ruined the movie for her friends, as well as for a lot of fans who watched that episode.

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