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Tom Holland Set to Star in Fred Astaire Biopic From PADDINGTON Director Paul King

Spider-Man star Tom Holland is set to star in an untitled biopic about golden age American dancer, choreographer, actor, and singer, Fred Astaire, who is often called the “greatest popular-music dancer of all time.” It’s explained that as a dancer, “he was known for his uncanny sense of rhythm, creativity, and tireless perfectionism.” The movie will be directed by Paddington franchise director Paul King.

The film is said to center on the relationship between Astaire and his sister, Adele Astaire. “The two were inseparable for more than 20 years, moving out of a simple Midwestern vaudeville act in the early part of the 20th Century to Broadway and London’s West End in the 1920s. Adele Astaire was initially the face of the act, but eventually, Fred’s consummate stage skills eclipsed hers. The duo parted in 1932 when the sister married, which was a blow to Fred, but it also turned his focus toward Hollywood dance musicals, and subsequently set him on the path to cinematic immortality.”

I am familiar with Fred Astaire and his work, but I know nothing about his background or history. This should be an interesting movie. Astaire’s entertainment career spanned 76 years. He starred in more than 10 Broadway and West End musicals, made 31 musical films, four television specials, and numerous recordings.

Astaire shared a dancing partnership with Ginger Rogers, whom he co-starred with in 10 Hollywood musicals during the golden age of Hollywood. They starred together in films such as Top Hat (1935), Swing Time (1936), and Shall We Dance (1937). Astaire also starred in Holiday Inn (1942), Easter Parade (1948), The Band Wagon (1953), Funny Face (1957), and Silk Stockings (1957).

The initial script for the film was written by Noah Pink and then later rewritten by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot, Rocketman War Horse). Amy Pascal, Rachael O’ConnerBen Holden and Josh Hyams are producing. The American Film Institute named Astaire the fifth-greatest male star of Classic Hollywood cinema in 100 Years.

This is going to be a great project for both Holland and King, who most recently wrapped production on Warner Bros.’ Wonka, which is the Willy Wonka origin story starring Timothée Chalamet.

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