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“Amazing Fighter, Amazing Person More Than Anything”: 6X NBA-All-Star Admires Muhammad Ali While Showing Support for Boxing Legend’s Postage Stamp Campaign

In a world where stamps predominantly feature presidents and historical figures, imagine one graced by a boxing legend’s face. An unlikely choice? Maybe. But what if that boxer was more than just punches and footwork? What if he was the epitome of inspiration, in and out of the ring? Mitch Richmond, NBA’s six-time All-Star, recently sat with ESNEWS and dropped a hint, sparking a wave of intrigue. The topic? A postage stamp. But not just any stamp. This one carries the weight of a global icon, Muhammad Ali.

As Richmond shared his thoughts, there was an unmistakable glint in his eyes. Something profound, something you wouldn’t expect. Curious? Richmond’s words aren’t just about boxing. They’re about legacy, respect, and an odd wish of Ali’s.

The dual rings of Muhammad Ali: Boxing champion and social advocate

Muhammad Ali, often hailed as ‘The Greatest,’ achieved remarkable feats inside the boxing ring. His prowess was unmatched, with victories that resonate through history, such as the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ against George Foreman and the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ against Joe Frazier. His dazzling footwork and poetic jabs were a spectacle, making him a three-time world heavyweight champion.

Even so, Ali didn’t confine his impact to the ropes of the boxing ring. Outside, he was a formidable advocate for civil rights and a vehement critic of the Vietnam War. His refusal to be drafted, citing religious reasons, stirred a national debate about freedom, religion, and race.

During a recent interview with ESNEWS, Mitch Richmond weighed in on the boxing legend. “They’re thinking of making a stamp for Muhammad Ali. What do you think about that? Like a post office stamp,” the interviewer posed.

Richmond responded passionately, “I mean come on man, he’s the greatest. And he not only, you know, inspires people in the ring, he inspires people outside the ring because of what he stood for. And you know he has some strong beliefs. You have to believe and you have to be a champion if you can endure all of the stuff that he was enduring, and still come out on top. Amazing fighter, amazing person more than anything.”

Transitioning from Ali’s achievements, Richmond’s words highlight the deep respect and admiration Ali has garnered over the years. His influence is profound, a testament to a life lived with purpose, both inside and outside the squared circle.

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