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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Fan-Ship Relationships We Wish We Real

Fan ships like Sheldon and Leonard or Howard and Raj never got a chance to happen in The Big Bang Theory, but fans sure hoped they did!

The Big Bang Theory has some of the most famous couples on television, including Howard and Bernadette, Leonard and Penny, and Sheldon and Amy. While their weddings and relationships take up a lot of screen time on the show, there are always fans that want something else in the romance category.

There really aren’t any love triangles or ‘almosts’ on this series, but that doesn’t stop fans from dreaming up some pairings. It’s time to think about some ‘what ifs’ and dive into some fan ships, and some couples that actually might have worked.

Sheldon & Leonard

Sheldon and Leonard smiling at each other, wearing tuxedos for Sheldon's wedding

As far as fan-ships go, they don’t always have to make total sense – but somehow, this one still isn’t outlandish. Sheldon and Leonard are absolute best friends, and despite their differences, they’re always there for each other and care deeply for one another.

They’re supportive, and while they fight, there’s so much undeniable love. There’s a lot of fans out there that think they’re the real couple of this entire series – and really, their friendship is the core, so it isn’t that far of a leap.

Amy & Raj

The Big Bang Theory Raj & Amy After Amy's Makeover

One partnership that didn’t get enough screen time is definitely Raj and Amy. They’re probably the sweetest and most selfless of the bunch, and they’re down-to-earth and kind personalities. Beyond that, they’re both curious and intellectual thinkers.

They’d actually be really great together, and they’d honestly be such a wholesome couple that would always care about each other and lift each other up. They both have hearts of gold, and it’s actually a shame they didn’t get a chance at their own romance – even if it would disappoint fans of Shamy.

Bernadette & Raj

Raj and pregnant Bernadette sitting on the couch at Bernadette's house

Raj could pretty much fit with anyone, and it’s no secret that Raj had a little crush on Bernadette at some point. This little love affair had fans going crazy – and they’re still shipping them today.

They’re both intellectual people, and while Bernadette certainly has a lot more fire to her, Raj’s down-to-earth personality might actually balance them out. They would have the best house since they’re both organized and responsible, and they’d make quite the power couple.

Sheldon & Penny

This couple might be the most popular ship out there. While everyone loves Sheldon and Amy and Leonard and Penny, there’s something undeniably special about Sheldon and Penny. They get each other in a way that no one else really does.

Beyond that, they’ve always clicked – despite what either of them says. They’re so different that they’re actually perfect, and they’re such great friends that it wouldn’t be that far of a leap.

Leslie & Leonard

Leslie and Leonard were canon at one point, but it was short-lived. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from thinking that it was actually meant to be. Leonard and Penny are different, and Leslie and Leonard are much more the same. Leslie still has fire and passion, but she can match Leonard with her scientific interests.

Beyond that, Leonard could actually bring out kindness in Leslie, and the two would make a pretty great pairing – and they’d be unstoppable in their careers. Leslie and Leonard made sense, and fans still think so.

Raj & Stuart

Raj and Stuart having coffee at Bernadette and Howard's kitchen table

Stuart definitely didn’t get enough credit for being a sweet and hilarious guy, and the exact same thing could be said about Raj. These two were often the punchline of many jokes about having good hearts and being pushovers, but those certainly aren’t actually insults.

Rather, fans think this is a great reason to ship them. When Howard and Bernadette have their baby, Raj and Stuart have a hilarious competition that turns into a wholesome friendship of being the world’s best uncles. Clearly, their personalities match up great, and they’d be an adorable pair.

Amy & Bernadette

Amy and Bernadette standing beside each other at Bernadette's house

Amy is a quirky gal, but the bottom line is that she’s super intelligent and incredibly kind. Bernadette, on the other hand, is fiery with an A-type personality, but she’s also smart as a whip. These two bond a lot over their work and their shared interests – so why not partner them up?

Fans think just as much, and that these two ladies could be brilliant in the lab and at home. Their personalities rarely clash, and rather, they actually bring out the best in each other. Amy’s sweet persona and Bernadette’s ambitions are a perfect match.

Howard & Raj

Howard and Raj writing and playing music together in The Big Bang Theory

This duo might just be one of the most wholesome male friendships in television history, and it’s because of this that fans really can’t stop thinking about them being an actual couple. Many, many jokes are made about it throughout the show, and really, it makes sense.

They’re best friends – and in a more genuine and deep way than really any of the other friendships on the series. They just get each other, and they fill each other’s flaws while still lifting each other up. They work well together, and they’re always on the same page. Plus, Howard keeps Raj spontaneous and Raj keeps Howard on planet earth.

Stuart & Penny

Penny buying a comic book from Stuart at the store

Stuart and Penny were also actually canon at one point, but again, it was pretty short-lived. While it was hard to see Leonard’s jealousy, fans actually thought that the wholesome and sweet Stuart was a perfect match for the beautiful and spontaneous Penny.

It was adorable to see Stuart swoon over Penny, and she was very kind towards him. They aren’t a likely pair on the surface, but they’re both quirky and fun, and Penny could have brought out a fire in Stuart, while he could keep her grounded. Fans think it could’ve worked out.

Sheldon By Himself

Sheldon on his laptop at his office in The Big Bang Theory

Lots of fans are a bit annoyed that Sheldon ended up with anyone, despite their love for Amy. Sheldon displays a lot of asexual behavior throughout the entire series, and even his relationship with Amy seems a bit forced on the romantic and physical side of things.

Sheldon learned a lot and grew immensely from his friendships, but he didn’t necessarily need a romantic relationship. Amy changed him for the better, but fans aren’t convinced it needed to be romantic. Sheldon would be more than fine with just Sheldon.

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