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The Big Bang Theory: Amy Could’ve Declined Sheldon’s Proposal

Mayim Bialik reveals that Amy could've ended up turning down Sheldon's proposal for marriage despite how romantic it was in Big Bang Theory season 11.

Amy could’ve turned down Sheldon’s proposal in The Big Bang Theory. After years of dating and a major break-up, the couple eventually got engaged at the beginning of season 11. However, this wasn’t something that the writers of the show planned early on.

For context, towards the end of The Big Bang Theory season 10, Amy and Sheldon had to do long distance for a while as the former took a temporary work stint in Princeton. Despite their initial concerns, they eventually decided that it was best for her to push through with the project. During her time away, Sheldon got an assistant in Ramona who attempted to make a move on him. Following a one-sided kiss, Sheldon made the cross-country plane ride to visit his girlfriend where he also popped the big question. The year ended with this massive cliffhanger and viewers had to wait for a few months to learn about Amy’s reply.

It turns out, Amy saying yes to the proposal wasn’t always the plan as The Big Bang Theory went on a break without the writers deciding what’s next for the couple. Bialik revealed this in a new interview with Insider where she also said that her character could’ve ultimately turned down Sheldon.

“To be honest, I’m sure that our writers got to sort of talk it out. We have such an amazing group of writers and I was close with several of them and actually kind of talked to them in the off season — and not influence them in any way.

They didn’t even necessarily have a unanimous agreement on what should happen. It’s something that they had to decide as a show, ‘What are we going to do?'”

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While The Big Bang Theory writers claim that they didn’t know that Sheldon’s proposal would be a success, the chances of Amy turning it down were very small. The couple had been in such a great place since they got back together and shared an apartment. Throughout the years, Amy was the one constantly frustrated at how slow the pace of their relationship was. It didn’t make that much sense for her to turn him down at that moment. In the broader scheme of things, doing so would leave the couple in such a weird spot; maybe it could’ve even led to another break-up.

Once the couple was engaged, the rest of The Big Bang Theory season 11 was devoted to planning their wedding. Subsequently, the sitcom’s final year was mostly about their work on Super Asymmetry. As great as this was for Sheldon and Amy, it was detrimental for the rest of the characters whose arcs were stagnated so the focus could be on the Coopers. It would’ve been better if they gave each character ample focus as it felt as if the rest of the ensemble was relegated to being supporting players instead of lead figures.

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