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John Fury mocks ‘disgrace’ Francis Ngannou after open workout with Mike Tyson

John Fury has reacted to Francis Ngannou's recent open workout session with Mike Tyson.

Last night, ‘The Predator’ and ‘Iron Mike’ held an open workout for the press in Las Vegas. The event served a dual purpose. Obviously, it serves to promote his October boxing match with Tyson Fury, which will be the first of Ngannou’s career.

However, it also gave fans and media members their first chance to see Ngannou box up close. In the hourlong open workout, the former UFC heavyweight champion got to hit pads alongside Tyson. Furthermore, he also did a round of sparring alongside former title challenger Carlos Takam.

While a fun event, it absolutely didn’t impress big John Fury. The father of ‘The Gypsy King’, he reacted to the open workout during a clip he uploaded to his Instagram story. There, Fury absolutely slammed Francis Ngannou.

In the video, he questioned if the MMA fighter was going easy on the pads. If not, he might not want to even consider showing up next month. Fury stated:

“I hope that’s a joke, intending to be a laugh. If it’s not, he doesn’t have a prayer, he has no chance. He won’t get out of the first round, it will be Tyson’s fastest knockout. .. If that’s what he’s got, God help him, he’ll get smashed to bits. That’s embarrassing. If that’s what he can do for an open workout, don’t do an open workout. It’s a disgrace.”

Mike Tyson impressed by Francis Ngannou’s boxing progress

At last night’s open workouts, Mike Tyson gave his assessment of Francis Ngannou’s boxing skills.

The two have been working together since the fight’s announcement. As ‘The Predator’ has revealed, Tyson made him a deal four years ago. If he could get into a fight with ‘The Gypsy King’, he would coach him in it.

Well, he was able to get that fight with Fury, and it’ll go down next month in the Middle East. At last night’s open workout, Francis Ngannou got to show a lot of that newfound boxing skill.

While John Fury wasn’t impressed, ‘Iron Mike’ is a fan. Speaking at the event, Tyson opined:

“Francis Ngannou is the greatest fighter in the world… [The special part about training with Ngannou is] watching how fast he’s picking up. And this is something I never anticipated doing before. I never met an athlete that picks things up so quickly like Francis. He’s got the power to stop anybody… There’s nobody [in boxing history] he reminds me of. He’s his own entity, as you can see.”

See his comments below (from 3:00)


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