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“Went from Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather”: Months After Health Scare, Resurfaced Video of Jamie Foxx Impersonating 50-0 Boxer In Front of the Man Himself Raises Fans’ Spirit

It’s been a while since news of Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization surfaced. In April this year, the actor was rushed for medical aid for an undisclosed condition. A few months later, the actor thought it was appropriate to let the world know what had happened. Without revealing much about the condition, he sought treatment for his illness. The actor informed his well-wishers that he hoped to recover quickly, and not be seen in tubes and medical equipment. Rather, he’d want his fans to see him live a quality life.

The actor was working on the movie, Back in Action,” when the news of his hospitalization emerged. However, inching closer to the release day, the production of the film seems to be in full swing. But what remains uncertain is his role in Mike Tyson’s biopic. The boxing realm rejoiced when speculations emerged that the actor would play the role of ‘Iron Mike’ in his biopic, but after the actor’s health scare, the boxer himself remained unsure about the project.

Talking about the Academy Award winner’s health condition and the uncertainty it has brought to the project, Tyson said, “Hey listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath. We don’t know when we’re going to die. After we leave this, bad stuff could happen.” However, seemingly after having made a recovery, the actor was seen again, but this time, embodying another fighter.

A good actor indeed, Jamie Foxx impersonates Floyd Mayweather

Months after his episode at the hospital, the actor is making headlines again. His video impersonating the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has resurfaced. The audience for this performance was ‘Money’ Mayweather himself. In the video, the actor did a finesse of an impression of the boxer. While nailing the attempt, he said, “They don’t have a blueprint. They don’t have a blueprint for me, though. I got it for them, though. They don’t know how to beat me.”

Earlier, Mayweather himself shared the post on his Instagram account. He wrote, “It’s always laughing and storytelling with my brother.” Fans too have joined the fighter in applauding the actor.

One fan echoed what many think of Foxx. One of the greatest actors of this generation, the actor has multiple awards in his name, including the Oscar and the Bafta, to prove it.


A fan further talked about the supposed role Foxx would have played in Tyson’s biopic. But given the uncertainty that looms over it, the fan seems to be just satisfied with his personification of ‘Money.’



The splendid impersonation might have made a great audition tape for the fighter if he were to play Mayweather. A fan resounded this sentiment.



Imagine, watching an actor play your role better than you do in real. Well, that’s probably what ‘Pretty Boy’ might have felt when the actor imitated him.


It’s been a minute since fans saw the actor out and about in the city. When his health scare made headlines, many wondered about his presence on the screen. His being so active now might have just given his fans a glimmer of hope.

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