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British Heavyweight Legend Shares Forgotten Photo With Muhammad Ali While Emphasizing Importance of Face to Face Conversations

It was June 2016 when former British Professional Boxer, Frank Bruno went off at Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan. It was four days in the wake of the world losing its greatest boxer of all time. Muhammad Ali passed away on June 4th after having battled Parkison’s disease for 32 years of his life. With the boxing realm still entrenched in the grief of losing its starfighter, Bruno made an appearance on the show.

For someone like the British fighter, Ali held a dear place in his heart. And when the news of his passing reached him, a somber note struck him. He had lost someone whom he considered a father figure. Still negotiating with this loss, when he was asked if he ever wanted to fight the Greatest, the fighter lost it. He said, “Piers, he’s a man I class nearer to God. It would be difficult and cheap for me to say that I would like to fight him.” He added, “The man is dead, he’s brown bread so I would like to leave it as me being a supporter rather than comment on that Piers, if you don’t mind.” 

Years later, the fighter still remembers his idol. And today in his remembers, he invokes a learning.

“It’s good to talk!” Bruno vouches for conversations, remembers Muhammad Ali

“I’m just glad I met him. He’s my hero,” said Frank Bruno as he grappled with the loss of Ali. Years later, when the boxing realm still remembers the late fighter for the prowess he ruled the realm with, Bruno said something that would surely resonate with Ali. In this era, where disconnection is catalyzed by the use of gadgets, Bruno suggests old-school talking. Face-to-face!

Taking to his X profile, the former heavyweight fighter said, “Afternoon hope you are well and enjoying your sunday its amazing how many people still work on a sunday even just on their computer when I was a kid my mum used to say Sunday its the Lords day while marching me to church!!” Further emphasizing on the need to connect with one another on an intimate and personal basis, he added, “Have a good day turn off the screens for a couple of hours remember conversation with one another face to face? I know a couple who text each other while being in the same house!! As we say in my charity “its good to talk!”

Bruno’s positive affinity for interpersonal communications stems from the fact that Muhammad Ali motivated him when he underwent a tumultuous time in his life.

‘Dear Frank’

If not Muhammad Ali who personifies the humane face of being a celebrity boxer? Bruno understands this better than anyone. In 1995, Bruno finally won the hearts of his country when he managed the claim the WBC heavyweight title after three unsuccessful attempts. But in his lowest times ahead of this feat, he received a letter. Addressed to him by the legend of the era, Muhammad Ali, the letter showed a side of Ali that many admire him for.

The letter read, “Dear Frank, When I watch you fight I am happy that I didn’t come along now. From What I see, you could have given me a whole lot of trouble.” Demonstrating the humor and wit that Ali was so popularly known for, he wrote, “I know you are a good man and have a nice personality, and you are not bad looking either. If we were matched for a title bout, it would be awful hard for me to make myself angry enough to fight you.”

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