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“They Don’t Fight Enough”: Mike Tyson Names the Fights He Wants to See Next

Mike Tyson retired from the sport, but he continues to be a fan. The former heavyweight champion is frequently seen sharing his opinions on the current landscape of the sport. In the recent past, he has spoken highly about certain fighters that he enjoys watching. Recently, he was asked to suggest some exciting match-ups, and he had his answer ready.

While sharing a few match-ups, he did not shy away from unveiling certain complaints and resentments towards the status quo. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what he had to say.

Mike Tyson weighs in on the current landscape of boxing

There are plenty of exciting fights and ‘Iron Mike’ acknowledges the same. However, he is interested to see the lightweight star, Gervonta Davis facing Issac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz again. He was also interested to see David Benavidez fight Canelo Alvarez. He loves watching fighters from the heavyweight division.

Reflecting on the same, in an interview with Fight Hub TV, he stated, “Well there are so many great fights. I want to see Gervonta Davis fight Pitbull again. I want Canelo to fight Benavidez. A lot of heavyweight fights I like to watch.”

However, he is upset over the fact that many notable and skilled fighters do not face their formidable counterparts. This frustrates Tyson as a fan. In the same interview, he added, “There are a lot of great fighters, but they don’t fight enough. They fight once or twice a year.”

It is safe to say that Tyson cares deeply about the sport and wants to witness the best fight amongst the best. Moreover, ‘Iron Mike,’ does not just sit to whine or complain as he does advice fighters of today’s time.

Tyson advises boxers of today

Back in the day, the former heavyweight champion was more than just a boxer. He was a phenomenon that captivated the masses. He urged boxers of the current generation to fight more often and be entertaining as he did during his career. In the same interview, he added, “People have to see us as much as possible. I have to make people happy. I have to do something, bite an ear, or break an arm. Do something. It’s all about bringing the people, attracting the people.”

It would be hard to argue against the claims made by Tyson. In today’s time and age, boxing is more than a sport. Notable boxers are just as entertaining outside of the ring as inside. Moreover, we are curious to know what you make of Tyson’s opinions above. Share with us your own thoughts in the comments below.

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