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The Big Bang Theory Main Characters Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win The Squid Game

From Stuart to Penny and Bernadette, along with Sheldon and his best friends, which characters from The Big Bang Theory could win the Squid Game?

If the main characters The Big Bang Theory began playing the Squid Game, it’s clear who would succeed and who might wish that they could go home right away. Sheldon and his friends are absolutely brilliant when it comes to their scientific fields, but some of them might be able to strategize their way to the prize money more than others.

From the friend group’s comic bookstore owner pal to their love interests, which characters from The Big Bang Theory have a solid chance of using their intelligence and quick thinking skills to see if they can win the dark and terrifying Squid Game?

Stuart Bloom

Stuart sitting in Howard and Bernadette's living room, smiling

TBBT characters treat Stuart badly sometimes, and although he’s definitely one of the most popular characters, he seems the least likely to win the Squid Game.

While Stuart is sweet, he doesn’t seem to have the strategic mind that is necessary for this scary situation, and he’s not competitive at all. He’s an artist who enjoys running his comic book store, and while he doesn’t seem to make enough money doing this as he does worry about his monetary situation, he would be defeated by the physical games here.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper talking on the phone in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s mom Mary is tough and independent and she’s never afraid to let Sheldon know when he’s being too strong-willed or unfair. But while Mary is a caring parent and also enjoys spending time with Sheldon’s friends, she doesn’t seem like the type who could be successful in the Squid Game.

Mary is so kind that her fellow players will want to be there for her, like Player 199 and Sang-woo offer Gi-hun assistance in “Red Light, Green Light.” But Mary might not be able to make it through the tough challenges, from the glass bridge to stealing marbles from her partner.

Howard Wolowitz

Howard changes on The Big Bang Theory, but thankfully, he maintains his sweet nature and nerdy personality throughout the entire sitcom.

Howard may be a brilliant aerospace engineer and there are many games that he would win, but perhaps not the Squid Game. Howard often worries too much and since he gets overwhelmed easily, and also has many food allergies, he might not survive too long in this dangerous situation. It’s tough to imagine Howard getting past the glass bridge, which would seriously freak him out.

Leslie Winkle

Leslie can be pretty tough and ruthless, like when she kisses Leonard in season 1 and says that she feels nothing so they shouldn’t date. She could use these qualities to her advantage and could get fairly far in the Squid Game.

Because Leslie is so brilliant when it comes to physics, perhaps she could come up with a theory that could explain how she can win. This might not make sense to some other players who aren’t experts in this scientific field, which would work out well for Leslie.

Penny Teller

Penny’s immature TBBT moments might not make her seem like a potential victor here, but sometimes in a game, there’s a “wild card” player who stuns everyone with their strategy and intelligence.

Penny has always been a character who is smarter than she seems, and while she isn’t interested in science like her friends and love interest Leonard, she does have a good understanding of other people and why they do the things that they do. People would underestimate Penny and she would have the physical strength and clever thoughts necessary to last in the Squid Game.

Amy Farrah Fowler

When Amy and Sheldon meet, viewers learn that the brilliant Amy has kept to herself in life, which is one reason that she and Sheldon are so alike.

Amy’s combination of intelligence and stubbornness could allow her to play the long game here. While she might have some questions about this game, and she might not want to follow all the rules, she will play along and figure out a strategy fairly early on that she will stick to. With every game she wins, Amy would gain even more confidence and become even more competitive.

Raj Koothrappali

Raj looking serious on The Big Bang Theory

Raj has a main personality trait that he will have to keep in check when playing the Squid Game: the fact that sometimes, he says the wrong thing and offends people. Fans know that for a while, Raj drinks before talking to people he is interested in romantically, and that makes him say things that he should keep to himself.

If Raj can stay quiet when necessary so he doesn’t offend the Front Man or anyone who he needs to team up with, it seems likely that Raj could win the Squid Game or at least go fairly far.

Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard and Penny sitting together on The Big Bang Theory

Experimental physicist Leonard may be nerdy, but he’s also friendly and enjoys meeting new people. Leonard is able to bond with his new neighbor Penny and the couple’s TBBT relationship is one of the most beloved parts of the series.

Since Leonard is one of the smartest sitcom characters, it’s easy to imagine him figuring out the strategy behind many of these games. While Leonard would be terrified of getting killed and would absolutely hate watching his fellow players die throughout the course of the game, he would stay silent and strong and advance pretty far.

Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette smirking on The Big Bang Theory

Bernadette seems like she would do really well in the Squid Game thanks to her strong-willed, tough personality. Once people get to know her, they learn that she can be pretty scary, and she would be able to handle this difficult competition and horrifying situation.

In season 8, when Penny has a job interview for a pharmaceutical company, she learns that Bernadette’s manager and co-workers think that she’s really scary. Playing nice but maintaining a sense of self is what will win someone the Squid Game and Bernadette can definitely do this.

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper wearing a yellow shirt with an old-fashioned locomotive train in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is intelligent and quirky, and his personality traits would enable him to win the Squid Game. Sheldon can think super quickly and when it comes to science and the topics that he cares about, he can outwit and outsmart anyone.

While Sheldon does struggle with socializing and interacting with other people, that would give him an advantage here. Sheldon could focus on himself and his own desire to win, and he would be prepared to work with people when he had to, but he could leave them behind as well.

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